The Movie Blog: A Fan Trailer that could possibly have saved John Carter

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[There are a few more of these coming out, it seems. I have mixed feelings about posting them all, but on balance, it seems like this is a part of the story that is unfolding around the movie. As we noted when we did the first fan trailer — we did so in the spirit of “we want to help” and we hope it did help a little. As far as these articles — it’s probably a little too late for any of this to help very much, but it’s nice to know our efforts are appreciated and we still have hopes that perhaps this dialogue will have some impact on the way the DVD/Blu-ray marketing is carried out.]

A Fan Trailer that could possibly have saved John Carter
From the MovieBlog: There are a lot of fan made videos out there but this fan made trailer for John Carter is one worth viewing. The trailer captures more about the story than any trailer that I have seen for the film and also includes some key action shots. Take a look below.

I think that this video captured more than all of the official trailers combined. The story is explained for those who are unfamiliar with John Carter and it focuses on the more visually stunning shots. If I had seen this trailer my anticipation for the film’s release would have been substantially higher. It’s sad to see what happened to the film, but maybe if the trailers would have been this informative we would have a greater possibility of a John Carter franchise.


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