Take the poll: Should fans fans lobby Disney to officially change the title to John Carter of Mars?

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Why don’t John Carter fans, aside from clamoring for a sequel (which is an impossible dream at the moment), also lobby Disney to officially change the title of the movie to JOHN CARTER OF MARS?  As everyone now knows, Disney originally changed the title from A Princess of Mars to John Carter of Mars, then dropped “of Mars” from the title.  Andrew Stanton ends the movie by bringing up the title “John Carter of Mars” — i.e. over the course of the movie John Carter becomes John Carter of Mars.

Disney has been roundly criticized for the name change to the blah “John Carter” …. and now that they have officially declared it to be the BIGGEST BOMB IN CINEMA HISTORY……why not stop hiding what it’s about and go ahead and use the title that they allowed Stanton to use at the end of the movie — JOHN CARTER OF MARS.

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Look, my thought is — there is no way that Disney is going to make a sequel anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean fans shouldn’t lobby for a sequel — we should.

But this —  this is something fans could push and who knows, we might get some traction.

Am I nuts?  Is it worth considering?

Would you like this film to go down in cinema history as:

John Carter?



I’m just sayin’.

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  • The best thing they could do is to remarket it like crazy with a new marketing team for the inevitable Blu-Ray release. a retitle would also help. They probably won’t but it would benefit the film if they did. Plus I’m sure the film will will make decent money worldwide despite the writeoff. At this point the closest thing to a sequel would theoretically be a John carter themed level for a future Kingdom Hearts game.
    That is of course they don’t sell the franchise rights to another studio like the did with Narnia.

  • Yes, not only re-name it, but also re-market and re-release this summer or at some opportune time.

    The whole process of this film’s release has been totally botched and tragically unfair.

    It’s a wonderfully crafted movie — superb in every way.

  • A remarketing and rerelease of the film for this summer or holiday season would be wonderful! The movie itself is very good, and could only benefit from new, solid efforts to re-sell it.

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