On April 9 DIY FILM, a UK entertainment publication, published an article entitled “Taylor Kitsch Nixes John Carter Sequel?”, causing a furor among John Carter and Taylor Kitsch fans. In the article Kitsch was quoted as saying: “I won’t be doing another CGI film unless it’s another Battleship.”

Rogers and Cowan, the publicity company representing Kitsch, today issued the following statement:

“Taylor’s comments were in no way directed toward John Carter. Taylor is absolutely supportive of John Carter and like the fans, he’s hoping for a sequel. He is particularly appreciative of all the work being done by John Carter fans on Facebook and elsewhere and wants them to know that they, and the movie, have his full support.”

This is good news for the John Carter fans, who have become increasingly vocal and assertive as the film’s theatrical run has continued, forming a Facebook Group calling for a sequel, issuing fan art and fan trailers, and most recently announcing that they will have a show of force on John Carter’s final theatrical showing at Disney’s flagship El Capitan theater in Hollywood.

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