E!Online: Battleship vs John Carter — what’s the bottom line? (and is Disney now saying JC budget was 275m?)

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This article was notable for one thing only — it cites the budget (meaning production investment)  for John Carter as being confirmed at $275m — and sure enough, if you link back to the Hollywood Reporter article it cites for this, THR says that Disney, in connection with it’s Quarterly earnings statement that went out on May 8, apparently said the John Carter budget was in fact $275.   This helps explain the writedown being $200m, and is news.  A word of caution — what we have now is THR saying that Disney says the production investment was $275 — but I have never actually seen a quote from Disney to that effect and did not see it in the actual release by Disney of Q2 figures — it’s possible something was said on the conference call, I’m not sure.

In any event, here is the E!Online Article:

Battleship vs John Carter: What’s the Bottom Line

And here is the THR Article:

Disney Beats Expectations in Spite of John Carter

And here is the actual Disney release of Q2 Financials:

Disney Q2 Financial Reporting


  • One thing I don’t understand about the Eonline article: how can they say Battleship is breaking even with 240M worldwide on a 210M budget, and John Carter didn’t on a 282M gross, on a 250 (even 275M budget)? Apparently many commenters said studios get back approximatively 50% of the ticket sales as profit. I don’t get the logic here…

  • I think the term “production investment” is key; the term sounds like it incorporates the actual budget along with whatever else Disney spent. In particularly, I’m wondering if the “production investment” figure includes whatever money was spent back in the 80s when Disney had the rights.

  • We need to stop worring about the money. This movies has made 282,223,731 gross and growing. It’s unflopable. We need to let everyonw know how awsome this movie is so they don’t miss out on the fun.

    John Cater is the Origins of Superman. Personally I love superheroes. We owe a great debt of graditude to ERB. It’s time for some respect! Keep Posting the fan trailers. The worst thing we can do is deprive someone of the Original Super Hero!!!!!

    I give it 4 thumbs up Tars Tarkas!!!

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