John Carter 1950’s Style Fan Trailer — You’ve got to see this!

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A very, very clever piece of work from Youtuber Krishashenoi93 (Krishna Bala Shenoi) who has a site, and (of course!) is a member of the John Carter Sequel Facebook Fan Group (

Here is the description:

Using shots from “John Carter”, and sound clips from the trailers of Ray Harryhausen’s brilliant “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad”, George Reeve’s Superman serial, and a Buck Rogers movie, I’ve made this trailer for Andrew Stanton’s “John Carter” in the style of movie trailers from the 50’s.

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25 thoughts on “John Carter 1950’s Style Fan Trailer — You’ve got to see this!

  1. This is incredible! The timing is right on and the trailer displays the creator’s great sense of humor.

  2. Very cool! Made me want to see it again!
    Great plug for the DVD/BR at the end….


  3. Absolutely brilliant. Bravo. Makes you long for those ’50s Sci Fi Trailers!

  4. Beautiful. Absolutely wonderful. Disney….take notice. This is how you make people want to watch a movie.

  5. If Disney had done a trailer similar to this, it would have caused a lot of buzz as it is so different than anything we get out of Hollywood. To bad the Hollywood advertizers don’t think outside the box. This was a great trailer.

  6. This trailer is simply a great piece of art. It is fun in and of itself, but also shows our favorite movie in a very interesting light. I agree with those who say this trailer might have been a good advertisement over the past winter, in conjunction with other trailers. Hats off to Krishna Bala Shenoi!

  7. Very impressive fan trailer, a great idea that really stands out. Disney marketing could have drawn a lot of good attention to the movie if they tried making a trailer like this.

  8. A pretty cool trailer. It’s just a shame that John Carter of Mars wasn’t made back in the 1950s. It would have rocked!

  9. Should’ve played this trailer during the Super Bowl! People would be trippin’!!

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