A Very Cool Video — Armor Creation for John Carter

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This is just a simple working video from the Costume/Armory department, sent to Andrew Stanton as one of the “every day” videos for him to observe/comment/approve during the pre-production of John Carter.  Check it out.

Here is the description by the costumers/armorers:

This video shows the process of making a costume. From concept art to real costumes. This is an exclusive footage of the previous work on prototypes before starting to work in John Carter. A small team or artists came together thanks to costume designer Mayes Rubeo in Trevi, Italy, to produce prototypes to show director Andrew Stanton and the producers via skype. This is one of the videos sent to them on the 6th day of work, and as you can see we were in the right track from a very early stage. As prototypes, they don’t look as the final designs, but you can start to see resemblances for the final look of Hellium footsoldier. In this video you can see early concepts by Jonay Bacallado, metal work by Luca Giampaoli, and leather work by Giampaolo Grassi and Aleanza Zenon, all masterly supervised by costume designer Mayes Rubeo.


  • One of my favorite parts of the Lord of the Rings movies making-of has always been the craftmanship behind the costumes and weaponry, awesome stuff!

    Only the fanatical ERB fanatic part of my brain keeps screaming that helmet are not used on Barsoom. But I generally keep that part in line. 🙂

  • This really highlights the incredible amount of work that goes into the details of a film like this. They get almost nothing for free, effort-wise and money-wise. Very cool to see!

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