Taylor Kitsch has once again shown a touch of class to John Carter Sequel fans by sending them a signed poster inscribed “To the Best Damn Fans on Earth (and Mars)” and “No Regrets”.    Kitsch has consistently shown support to the fan movement that grew up after John Carter landed with a thud in US Theaters, but has since garnered a highly motivated a vocal fan base.  The John Carter Sequel “Back to Barsoom” Facebook Group continues to add new members at a current rate of 350 per week, and will reach a total of 10,000 in the next few days.   Fans have also organized JohnCarterTwo.com, an internet forum open to anyone, and BacktoBarsoom.com, a website featuring fan art, videos, and commentary.

Thanks to Über-fan Rebecca Baeder Garland and all the members of the John Carter Sequel “Back to Barsoom” Group for sending this to us.  Good luck at Comic-con!