• I love the moments and bits of humor in the boards that didn’t make it into the film for whatever reason. Like, we get to see what happened with the Heliumites who were captured on Dejah’s airship after she dropped out of the ceiling compartment and stole her ship back (however briefly). And a couple fun moments in the sequence when John is fleeing Zodanga aboard the flier, and later flying with Woola and Sola. Good stuff.

  • It’s unfortunate how little credit storyboard artists get. Directors certainly explain their intentions, make decrees and decide what to keep/cut, etc, but the inception of the actual shot language for a given sequence often comes from someone we never hear about. These resemble the final scenes with remarkable clarity, which is not surprising given Krentz’ career.

    Even more fascinating is the concept art he did for previous versions under Paramount elsewhere on his site. That Woola he designed for Favreau is my favorite depiction of the character I’ve ever seen, and it overall looks to have been a harder-edged, more masculine motion picture they were planning.

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