• 🙂 It was sort of by accident that I ended up being able to attend. I was already planning to get into CA on the 21st, well in advance of the ECOF convention and Disney studios screening of John Carter which were the main reasons for the trip, and then they announced that the premiere would be on the 22nd!

  • I’m bummed that I’m going to miss the Centennial Celebration! Would have been cool to see some of my ERB peeps again and meet Jim Morris and Jane Goodall. Alas, I’m on the east coast these days and our second child is due in September, so I’m not going on any trips for a little while.

    On a total side note, have to confess that this video has a distracting “where’s Waldo” quality for me. Anyone wanna guess the identity of the bearded man in the black jacket over their left shoulders, behind the red poster? 😉

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