If you landed here from a google search, chances are you’re trying to find out what is happening — will there be a John Carter Sequel or not?  First, there is a Facebook Group lobbying for a sequel with more than 11,000 members.  Join!  Next,   the John Carter Files  has a steady stream of updates and information about John Carter, Barsoom, and Edgar Rice Burroughs.  And finally — the book below is the definitive explanation of what went wrong with the release – and what needs to go right in order for a sequel to happen.

 Following is an article posted on the John Carter Files regarding activities of the fans of John Carter at Comic-con:

Another article is out today, picking up on the one in IndieWire yesterday, reporting on the John Carter  Sequel fans who are at ComicCon getting people to join the John Carter Sequel Facebook Group, sign their petition.  The John Carter team is armed with iPads to sign people up on the spot, plus dozens of raffle giveaways, and a pretty much boundless supply of energy and enthusiasm.  See our earlier article on this.  And here is what Movies.com has to say –which notably is offered without snark:

John Carter is back at Comic-Con? “‘There is a booth at #SDCC? asking for signatures for a petition to have a John Carter sequel,’ someone in San Diego tweeted today. And we almost couldn’t believe it, so we did some digging, and yep, according to related site John Carter Two, they are indeed at Comic-Con, sharing a table where they are not only making sure to keep hope alive, but doing some giveaways for “John Carter”-related gear as well. In essence, they are marketing the movie long after Disney has given up, and you would hope the studio is paying attention, if only to throw them swag for their trouble.”


The article also includes the fans soon to be (they and we hope) iconic “We Want You” poster:


If you missed them yesterday, here are pics of group members, fans, and raffle winners from ComicCon yesterday: