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If you landed here from a google search, chances are you’re trying to find out what is happening — will there be a John Carter Sequel or not?  First, there is a Facebook Group lobbying for a sequel with more than 11,000 members.  Join!  Next,   the John Carter Files  has a steady stream of updates and information about John Carter, Barsoom, and Edgar Rice Burroughs.  And finally — the book below is the definitive explanation of what went wrong with the release – and what needs to go right in order for a sequel to happen.

 Following is an article posted on the John Carter Files regarding activities of the fans of John Carter at Comic-con:

Another article is out today, picking up on the one in IndieWire yesterday, reporting on the John Carter  Sequel fans who are at ComicCon getting people to join the John Carter Sequel Facebook Group, sign their petition.  The John Carter team is armed with iPads to sign people up on the spot, plus dozens of raffle giveaways, and a pretty much boundless supply of energy and enthusiasm.  See our earlier article on this.  And here is what has to say –which notably is offered without snark:

John Carter is back at Comic-Con? “‘There is a booth at #SDCC? asking for signatures for a petition to have a John Carter sequel,’ someone in San Diego tweeted today. And we almost couldn’t believe it, so we did some digging, and yep, according to related site John Carter Two, they are indeed at Comic-Con, sharing a table where they are not only making sure to keep hope alive, but doing some giveaways for “John Carter”-related gear as well. In essence, they are marketing the movie long after Disney has given up, and you would hope the studio is paying attention, if only to throw them swag for their trouble.”


The article also includes the fans soon to be (they and we hope) iconic “We Want You” poster:

If you missed them yesterday, here are pics of group members, fans, and raffle winners from ComicCon yesterday:


  • I waited 50 years for the movie. Unfortunately I do not think the screen writers got the essence of what ERB was trying to say. From the flying machines to the plot they missed the point. Now we are stuck with a rogue version of what a great movie could have been. Trying to get it back on track in movie form is going to be difficult. However a TV Series could start all over like Star Gate SG1.
    I wish JCII well. But I doubt Disney has either any vision remaining and probably the brains of their cartoon characters.

  • Here in N. Idaho there is about 50 of us just in 2 block area who want to see JOHN CARTERS SEQUEL! Disney needs to wake up smell & smell the dollars$ blowing by them. they have made movies that were far from being as good as John Carters. Disney just hasn’t been as great as it was when old Walt was alive especially for cartoons. exception of TANGLED.. Get some new blood in your creation department Disney World, that knows a good movie plot when they see one.. BRING ON JOHN CARTER OF MARS THE RETURN OF.

  • i loved this film john carter one of best i ever see ,i also like the girl in the yellow top pls give me ur number and the johncarter film ur holding he he

  • What was wrong with the movie? I thought it was great, being a ERB fan all my life, reading almost every book that Edgar Rice Burroughs ever wrote. John Carter was a terrific movie, so what was Disney’s beef about? Not enough money made? Geez! How much money do they have to make before they’re happy? I wasn’t quite happy with the ending, but at least, it left the story open for a sequel, so why doesn’t someone do it, if Disney doesn’t? The should know the mistakes made with the first one, now……so don’t make them the second time! John Carter 2 is a must. After all, there were three more books after the first story of John Carter. Why not, at least, finish this saga, as long as they can’t ever finish the Tarzan series as there were something like 28 books written of the Tarzan legend. They always start over with Tarzan and never continue on with the series. The last Tarzan movie that came the closest to the books was when Christopher Lambert starred as the Ape Man. Stop changing the story lines and stick to the book as much as possible with either Tarzan or John Carter of Mars!

  • Chris … the answer: Not many. And that says something about both Stanton’s skill, and ERB.

  • How many movies have such dedicated fans. Bring back John Carter. The stories get better.

  • As it stands- (and what a lot of aparrant seldom-readers are missing) this film (JC) is dead on accurate to the original book! And that is what is phenominal to me about the whole thing, when I saw DISNEY and JOHN CARTER on the same DVD case I knew it could only be one story…

    And I swear to you, my first thought was “Oh my GOD! Please tell me they haven’t butchered THAT STORY!!!”

    I can’t even find words for how pleased I am with the first sequel, and in fact I keep it in my safe because I consider it that momumental an achievement.


  • i just watched john carter like 15 mins. ago. The movie was so good that i quickly looked if there was a chance of having a sequel

  • 10 years past searching for the medallion…. to imagine what atrocities the tharks laid out after John Carter’s un-timely departure. the way the story ended was poorly written unless there was a sequel already planed …if money was an issue the story should have ended with the couple looking out to the nights sky , Therefore as the movie ended the way it did ! there should be a sequel !

  • This movie is one of the best I have ever seen. The casting and effects were off the charts. Perfect script… What more can a movie goer ask for???

  • John Carter was such a great story, I don’t know a single person who wasn’t in love with it. So very dissapointing that Disney gave up on it.. But like all big corperations, all they care about is profit. Not the beautiful story or the millions of fans who love it. It could have been so big so like Lord of the Rings!

  • There’s so much more story to tell.
    Characters were great!
    The world they have created is perfect.
    Bring on John Carter 2!

  • With the crisp that comes out of Hollywood, anyone who sat through John Carter more than once, would actually see that it was a great Movie. The Visual Effects and Story Line left most of the competition in the Sand. Unfortunately with te life of the average Movie today…. We would like to see more.

  • What I ment to say with point 1 was that to do the film right you WILL GET AN “R” rating and Disney does not have the stomach to have the hero nude from the time he leaves earth until Tars Tharkus gives him the other Thark’s harnesses 7 weapons.

  • What the John Carter franchise needs is; 1 a change of studio (because to do the film right you are GOING TO GET AN “R” rating), 2 complete reboot as was seen with the Spiderman, Batman, and Incredible Hulk franchises, and 3 a closer following of the books. The Disney movie was so far from the book that it was almost unrecognizable.

  • P.S. Lynn Collins is SOOO HOT! Dejah Thoris yum yumm. Her intelligence and strength just makes her that much hotter! Love those raven-haired beauties!

  • I loved John Carter so much, I’m almost afraid that any sequel would just be a letdown after a perfect movie like that. A sequel would require a delicate touch and love for the barsoom universe. Maybe better to let it stand alone and become a cult classic? That way, In a few years it will be seen at midnight showings at old theatres in college towns across the country!

  • We have not heard the last from John Carter. Another production company will buy the rights from Disney, just like they did with The Chronicles of Narnia.

  • I have always found the $250,000,000 price tag on “John Carter” just a tad suspicious. $250million was the budget for the Matrix sequels where absolutely stupid amounts of construction was done, including building entire freeways simply to shoot on. Those movies were terrible but the price tag shows on the screen. This kind of spending simply does not show on the screen, with John Carter. We all know that the Disney executive in charge of overseeing the production, and who made the executive decision to castrate his own marketing campaign, was wholeheartedly against making this movie to begin with. Executives are notorious for not being able to admit when they are wrong. Did this man purposefully make John Carter look like a failure? Or was somebody stealing money?

  • John Carter its a super movie…..great action, great effects….i love it…i allready see it twice time…and i wait for second part….pls DO IT!

  • when u think about it, this movie was up against Avatar which had a very substantially larger budget than JC did… u simply don’t put one up against the other, its like the difference between apples and oranges… both films are good, but u have to consider when to release them to give them both the proper chance to make it with the movie going public… so, if Disney really wants to loose money by not giving the proper release date and/or not making a sequal (which btw this first film was made to be the set up for the story which should have been over a series of films) then it is on them as most everyone I know that seen this film was chomping at the bit for the next one…. I know I was so anticipating the next in the series… however, since they bought up the rights to Star Wars we will probably never see a new JC movie as they will sink all their resources into it… just another example of how we are left hanging by the movies companies and a good story goes to the wayside… sorry fans, but that is the way I see it…

  • To misquote Tars Tarkas the marketing may have been ugly but the film was beautiful

    Take us back to Barsoom !!!!

  • I had never read the John Carter books until seeing this movie. Now I’ve read the first three of the original series by E.R.B, twice each! I’ve boughten the DVD and watch the movie Atleast once a week since It’s release… And I’m not the only person I know who loves the books and movie. So I’m not sure what is Disneys problem, but this movie is far from a failure. And I’ve seen sequals made of far worse movies asa universal soldier2, starship troopers 2, etc. So come on Disney!!! Give us John Carter 2 “The God’s of Mars”!!!!

  • I noticed that advertisement for the movie was not very extensive and its obvious that the studio seemed to have just decided not to spend anymore money, even after already spending what they did to make the movie.
    Therefore most people who didn’t know about J. Carter, never gave the movie a real chance to wow them as it did for me.
    I don’t just want a sequel, but I really need one……. as do the friends and others who took my advice and gave the movie a chance and really loved it as much or close to the over budgeted movie that ego maniac J. Cameron put out.
    Considering the fraction of the support Carter got vs. the Cameron movie, I think it was a great movie despite the reviews, which get to much credit. Critics ruin too much.

  • After avatar i never thought i would see another adventure movie as wild as this one! shhhh! i already watch john carter three times already! its a movie that put alot of imagination and happy thoughts in me!

  • John Carter was a flop if you are only looking at the USA domestic revenue. When you look at the whole thing in perspective it did not do horrobly. I do not know why Disney let the press run with their factually incorrect comments on this film.

  • When was the last time we got swag from Disney? All the Fan Group has got from them is a deftly silence.

  • John Carter is the current best-seller in France on the FNAC site (FNAC is the leader store for books/dvd/video games in France). 1) is the blu-ray, 2) is the combo blu-ray 3D+DVD.

    Same thing on, only reversed, 1) is the combo blu 3D+blu+DVD, 2) the blu-ray only. The DVD is 4)

    I don’t know how that translates in actual $, bit I still find it quite good!

  • And Dennis — Disney has about two years to make up their minds. Things will get very interesting as the clock is ticking down. — And if they decide to release it, it’s open season to get another studio onto it and with the right price point (150m, not 250m) and shooting 2 and 3 concurrently …….. it can happen for sure.

  • I have not given up on JC. If Disney doesn’t do it, another movie company will surely take a look at a sequel.

  • Well, about two years from now Disney either says yes we’ll do a sequel, or they return the rights to ERB Inc. You can be sure that the minute those rights go back, ERB Inc will be going forward with a complete biz plan showing how JC 2 and 3 could work, and there are other studios out there.

    Let Disney forget about it for now. They will have to start thinking about it as the window on their rights starts to close. And we’ll be ready for them.

  • I am not even sure at this point that disney even knows they made a John Carter film . . . they seem to be completely unaware of what is going on

  • Khanada wrote

    I must disagree with the ubiquitous idea that Disney has given up on John Carter, though. I don’t think the filmmakers would have mentioned in an interview about Brave that they were continuing writing and prepping for John Carter 2 if there was no hope of it getting made. They said they are waiting for the green light and will be ready, so this idea is only one of the media and ill informed people, not coming out of Disney or the JC camp.

    Well, there’s the film-makers, and then there’s Disney. They are not one and the same……. I think Disney has definitely put ol’ JC in his mausoleum and they certainly think he is dead. But, it’s a mausoleum with a door that can only be opened from the inside…….and we know what that means…..he ain’t dead. Disney just doesn’t know it. It will take time eventually it will occur to someone in the new regime at Disney that they can make a name for themselves by taking poor old John Carter which was a flop before, and turn it into gold in a sequel, and if the fans are out there continuing to clamor for it and if other things fall into alignment, the same Disney that has consigned JC to his mausoleum might just realize he’s really alive after all.

  • I have a question. The article uses the words “John Carter is back at Comic-Con? ” Was John Carter EVER at Comic-Con before this, in any capacity? It was my understanding that Disney skipped Comic-Con completely last year. I even wonder if a lot of Comic-Con folks considered it a snub or an indication that Disney had no faith in the movie, further sealing its doom in its theatrical release.

  • Nice to be making the news. I must disagree with the ubiquitous idea that Disney has given up on John Carter, though. I don’t think the filmmakers would have mentioned in an interview about Brave that they were continuing writing and prepping for John Carter 2 if there was no hope of it getting made. They said they are waiting for the green light and will be ready, so this idea is only one of the media and ill informed people, not coming out of Disney or the JC camp.

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