John Carter: The Airships of Barsoom

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Our favorite contrarian MCR has a nice article up on on the airships of barsoom.   Here’s a quick intro and a link — check it out:

Airships of Barsoom

Last time we took a look at the various concepts of Helium that artists have done for the movies. Now we take a look at the various ships of Barsoom. And we kick off with the pic above, a spectacular piece by Ryan Church which I believe was done for the ParamountJohn Carter of Mars. Not only unique in design we get Tharks in action.

Another airship from the Paramount area is the pic below, drawn by Phil Saunders. In this case we get a one man flier soaring out of Zodanga which captures the pulpy feel of the stories quite nicely:

Read the rest and see the other airships at MCR’s


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