Mark Andrews, Director of Brave and co-writer of John Carter, shares his Barsoom art

Art, Barsoom

Mark Andrews co-wrote John Carter and was Andrew Stanton’s second unit director on the film.  He has provided a great glimpse of his own Barsoom art.  Here is one of Tars Tarkas.  There are many more at this link.


  • I won’t spoil what Andrews said but clearly he still doesn’t understand the appeal of the books and is blind to both Stanton and his own flaws with this film.

  • Fascinating exchange between a harsh critic of the film and Andrews himself toward the bottom of the comments regarding the Barsoom artwork. Not going to spoil Andrews’ comments by quoting them here… go look!

  • I love his drawings! And how very interesting about the Therns!! I want so much to tell Mr. Andrews that WE WILL GET THOSE SEQUELS!! Fan power, baby! We won’t let up!

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