Megahit Prometheus: $300,314,953 Global Box Office Gross; Megaflop John Carter: $282,778,100 Global Box Office Gross

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Go figure. At a point when Prometheus has earned 97% of its global Box Office Gross and John Carter has earned 99% of its global Box Office Gross, the score is — Prometheus $300,314,953, John Carter $282,778,100 Global Box Office Gross.

One film is a hit, one is the greatest flop in the history of cinema.

Im just sayin’….


  • So kids, what have we learned here.? Movies that start with “P” are hits?

    So either, Paul, Peter, Pierre, Pepe, Paxton of Mars or . . . . . Princess of Mars.

  • Interestingly, JC is #15 worldwide this year:

    Now, for a niche sci-fi movie which isn’t based on a known franchise, has no A-list stars, and isn’t aimed at the PG-13 family market, being 15th on a list which includes 8 sequels/franchises in the top 10 (and 10 for the top 15) isn’t actually that bad.

    It does seem that should Disney do a sequel, as long as they can keep the costs down, it should make them money. One thing which surprised me was the complete absence of action figures. The Disney Store here in the UK is quite happy to carry Avengers’ stuff, but nothing for JC. Another baffling decision by the marketing people…

  • I’ll watch Prometheus when it comes to cable, maybe… because I am mildly interested in the Alien mythos. I watched DJC again the other night. I think I saw some indication of what the Therns’ real game may turn out to be. Something that ties in to the Thern/plantmen/white ape connections, and enslaving many redmen, developed at the beginning of the Gods of Mars… Also, is that Thern sanctuary the source of all Thern power and apparent magical powers? I also noticed what looked like miscues in the plot, probably caused by too much editing. Still fun to watch, great ending, they couldn’t end on as jarring a cliffhanger as the PoM book. I love the final shot of Dejah Thoris saying “Barsoom” and Carter repeating it. BTW, was the movie really too long? It’s only actually about 2hrs plus a couple of minutes, excluding the credits, not really 2&1/4 hrs or so. Pardon my ramblings…

  • Prometheus cost “only” 130 millions? I would have thought it was more in the 200M range. I’m impressed!

  • John Carter made 13% of its budget as profit. Prometheus made 130% of its budget as profit.

    Im (sic) just sayin’…

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