A Panoramic Shot of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.

Tarzan, The Tarzan Files

As the ERB Centennial celebration was unfolding the last few days, I found myself in Tarzana for the stamp ceremony on Friday with a few minutes to kill, so I parked in front of the cottage that has been the home of ERB Inc since 1923 and snapped off a few dozen photos in hopes that I could create a panoramic shot that a) shows the tree where ERB’s ashes are buried in relation to the offices, and b) somehow show how wild and jungle-like the yard is, and still be able to see the actual walls of the building. ¬†The problem is, the trees great so much shade that the walls of the cottage always disappear on photos. ¬†Anyway, here is the result of my effort! (Click to enlarge)


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