Another consultation on the cover for John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood

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Everyone, I’ve been in a kind of crazed state getting stuff finalized and off to the printer.  There is still time, however, to be refining and improving the cover as the first books are Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) for reviews, etc, and there will be further refinements along the way.  This is the cover as I finally had it for the ARCs.  I came to the same conclusion that some of you did, that the screen behind the title wasn’t helping.  I did that as a result of someone saying they thought it was hard to read.  I agree with those who think it’s better this way.   There are a few other subtle changes that we haven’t talked about here.

Let me know if this cures the concerns … or if there are more things to deal with.  I appreciate the inputs.

Also these are low res screen shots.  The file itself is a nice 300 dpi hi-res photoshop file.


  • Check your comma after “John Carter.” I believe it should be inside the quotation mark there. Sorry, I’m a proofreader by trade. 🙂 Looking good, though! –Dan

  • I liked the clarity of the older covers’ treatment of type. I like the title typeface on the new cover but it feels too thin against the background. It needs a bit more pop for readability.

  • I also do a lot of design work, Michael (more motion graphics than illustration) — if you wanted to shoot the .PSD over I’d love to try a polishing pass on the design you have.
    A little extra depth/atmosphere can go a long way.
    Just an additional option, my good man, and I’d be happy to help.

    Some killer work on your site, Eamon – definitely the best She-Ra I’ve seen!

  • It can’t be configured into a landscape format — only works in portrait because of the composition. I tried ……It would have been nice but I’m locked into the landscape “cinema screen” format.

    But there was a lot of discussion and a poll here where the overwhelming consensus was for this image which seems to suggest what Hollywood did to JC.

  • Why not the Abbett cover for A Princess of Mars as your cover? Wouldn’t that be more appropriate?

  • It looks great, Michael. I read and review all-genre romance books on a volunteer basis and some of the ones I get are in ARC form. I wish you boatloads of success with this book. John Carter deserves more respect that he has gotten.

  • You made the right cover choice and the condensed synopsis gets the message across in very few words (the key to great writing). I’m sure it will be a hit!

  • Eamon wrote

    I really wish I had know about this sooner as I would;ve offered my book design purposes. I happen to be a book cover artist and designer for all the top publishers. see my work here: If there is still time, I would offer my help!

    Great! Emailing you!

  • I preferred when the text was at the bottom of the page, and it was more readable before a red background. Instead of “why the original sci-fi superhero isn’t dead yet”, I would probably use the Carter”s catchphrase: “why the original sci-fi superhero still lives” (but, granted, it is more of an “inside joke” for those who have read the books). On the title, I would perhaps put “AND THE” in a smaller font. Otherwise, very fine cover!

  • Interesting – it now looks like a modern day widescreen TV or monitor, with the steps as the stand. I like it, depicting what we know is a very old story. The colors and image within the old cover art version give a feeling of struggle, life and death, “red” alert, a fight to come.

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