Author Robin Maxwell on Tarzan: “Why I Loved Him Then and Why I Love Him Now!”

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Robin Maxwell’s novels are rich with historical detail and passion for her characters, and her take on Tarzan and Jane’s love story in Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan, out September  18, is no exception. Today, Heroes and Heartbreakers is pleased to welcome her to the site to share a bit about how the legendary ape-man first caught her eye and why she still loves him today.

Thanks, Robin!

My first heartthrob was Tarzan—and who can blame me? A next-to-naked ape-man swinging through the vines with a pretty brunette in an equally skimpy outfit. They’d swim nude together in an elegiac underwater ballet, and ride on the back of elephants. He’d fight alligators and lions, to save her neck. They were friends with exotic African tribes and enemies of some pretty scary cannibals. This wild couple lived in a cozy little “nest” high up in a tree, bathed in paradisiacal waterfalls, had a chimp for a buddy, and best of all, had nobody telling them to behave or act more civilized. This was a very rich brew.

Ah, First Loves…

Let’s return to the “next-to-naked” part.  (Read the rest at Heroes and Heartbreakers)



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  • I love the captions beneath the photos !

    “This is Tarzan and Jane? C’mon, Pull My Other Leg.”

    “The Abs Alone Demand Attention”

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