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Am I the only person who never saw these until now?  Those are official merchandise from Disney, although on the inside of the cover it says “Zazzle” which is a “Create on Demand” service, isn’t it?  Anyway, I had never seen these until today.


  • Its a shame that Disney never put any of this stuff in their stores. Oh well I did buy a Dejah key ring (hey at least Lynn Collins delivered a great performance).

    Also has anyone heard if Disney will still be making their Vinylmation figures? I remembered they were supposed to be making those when I was in the local Disney Store and noticed a Vinylmation section.

  • FYI ~ All phone cases are 25% off on Zazzle today only. The checkout code is: CASEFORSKOOL.
    Also, all other items are 20% off today only. The checkout code for that is: SUMMERISOVER

  • I’ve had the Thern medallion one from the get go. It’s the only time I’ve ever bothered to get a decorated cover for my phone.

  • Is there a list somewhere of the official John Carter merchandizing? A short list, obviously…

    As far as promotional items go I noticed:
    – The paperweight “Thern medallion” (not functional, yes, I tried, just in case)
    – The keyring “Thern medallion”
    – A leather-like keyring with the JC symbol
    – A watch
    – A light ball with the JC symbol (some of these items must come from the press kit)
    – The Mondo poster

    – The Art of John Carter (a print run of, I dunno, 50?)
    – The John Carter soundtrack (limited edition)
    – The comics prequel
    – The novelization
    – 3 children’s books
    – The jumping video game
    – A limited edition pin
    – Those cell phone covers

    I found a good article on Disney merchandizing:

    It’s worth noting that The Nightmare Before Christmas still generates merchandizing years after the movie has been released!

  • Zazzle offers various items with John Carter film themes or Dejah Thoris photos. I purchased some US postage stamps of Dejah Thoris — there is naturally a premium
    charged above the actual postage cost. Are there other sources for such items besides Zazzle?

  • I bought one of these from Zazzle for my phone. It’s my pride and joy! I wanted to show you at the Dum Dum but I forgot. I remember seeing it on the Disney website, but they removed it before I had the chance to buy it. I’ve been wondering if the one from Zazzle was exactly the same. Thanks for letting me know!

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