A Guide To Barsoom by John Flint Roy with an Introduction by Mike Resnick

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A Guide To Barsoom was originally published in 1979 but this is a new edition  just published last month — I’m anxious to get a copy of this.

THE OFFICIAL, DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO BARSOOM AND THE WORLD OF JOHN CARTER OF MARS **Fully Illustrated** COME TO BARSOOM… AND ENJOY THE WONDERS OF ERB’S MARS When Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) wrote “Dejah Thoris, A Princess of Mars,” in 1911, he had no idea that he was opening a new era in the science fiction field. His account of fifteen-foot green men, eight-legged beasts, oviparous females, and swordswinging red men was an immediate success. And the public clamored for more. Over a period of thirty years, Burroughs wrote ten Martian tales… the story of life and death, romance and tragedy on the Red Planet is undoubtedly one of the greatest series of all time. Burroughs created a world of dead seabeds, towering mountains, polar ice caps, underground rivers … he peopled the planet with four different human races and one semihuman. He gave Mars a history, several phases of civilization and an assortment of religions. He added dauntless heros, beautiful maidens, evil villains and fearful monsters?all the ingredients necessary for a series of thrilling adventures on any world! Featuring over two dozen illustrations, including maps of the North and South Poles of Barsoom, as well as of the planet’s Western and Eastern Hemispheres ?AND IT’S ALL HERE IN THE ONLY OFFICIAL GUIDE TO BARSOOM CONTENTS: Introduction to the 2012 by Mike Resnick Introduction I ? A Brief History of Pre-Carter Barsoom II ? A Geography of Barsoom, Including a Gazetteer-Index and Hemispheric and Polar Maps of Its Surface III ? A Biography of Barsoom, Including a Dictionary of People, Past and Present, Whose Names Appear in the Barsoomian Sagas IV ? The Flora and Fauna of Barsoom, Including a Dictionary of Barsoomian Plants and Animals V Measurements ? on Barsoom?Linear, Time, Monetary?and a List of Barsoomian Numbers VI ? The Language, Religions, and Customs of Barsoom VII ? A General Barsoomian Glossary: Terms, Titles, Organizations, Games, Weapons, Buildings, Streets, Etc. VIII ? Quotations, Proverbs, and Expletives?From the Rich Heritage of Barsoom and the Pen of John Carter IX ? Barsoomian Science and Invention X Through ? Space to Barsoom? XI ? “Edgar Rice Burroughs”: A Brief Biographical Sketch Acknowledgments and Sources From the Author ILLUSTRATIONS: The Avenue of Quays in Aaanthor Plant Men The Atmosphere Plant The Zitidar (above) and the Thoat (below) Maps of the North and South Poles of Barsoom, as well as of the planet’s Western and Eastern Hemispheres A Green Man The Game of Yano A Calot (Barsoomian Watchdog) and His Red Man Master An Orovar Helmet A Jetan Piece: Thoat A Jetan Piece: Warrior, or Than The Banth, or Barsoomian Lion Man-Flowers Artists Conception of the Barsoomian Table of Linear Measurement Two Barsoomian Watches and a Barsoomian Clock A Sith and Its Unidentified Victim A White Ape The Palace of Peace in Ptarth A Torch of Horz The Pit of Plenty in Kadabra The Ulsio, Martian Rat A Calot Tree An Apt vs. a Red Man A Conventional Ground Flier A Flier of Okar and Panar The Pedestal of Truth in the Temple of Reward of Greater Helium Don’t get stuck in the Valley of Lost Souls — Learn your way around Barsoom today!


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