Does anyone know who created this piece of John Carter Fan Art

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This is a mystery piece of John Carter Fan art ….. have searched high and low and can’t find the creator. Does anyone know? Can you find out? By the way, a useful tool for identifying images is where you can upload a picture and it will search the web and usually get a hit. But in this case … nothing.


  • This piece was licensed and created for Disney to promote the movie.

    Too bad they didn’t use it.

  • I’m a little intrigued by the way it actually uses the title treatment from the movie (which has character to it) instead of the bland useless title treatment from the official poster or trailers…….and also picks up the color scheme from the movie titles, which again — works much better for me than the ones in the official posters, etc. I think the artist — while perhaps only duplicating photos with his painting — has done some nice things that I haven’t seen anyone else do….. so I’ll balance out the snark with these compliments! 😉

    Seriously, one of the things that really frustrated me (one of the many, many things) was the gap between the aesthetic of the movie, and the aesthetic of the promotion. This happens a lot … I know that — I’ve intentionally done it my self in promotional campaigns for our movies, or movies we had distributed. The thing itself is one thing, the promotional campaign is another…….

    But Disney was just so far afield with their choices for the campaign, and those choices reflected such a sterile, homogenized aesthetic…it really bothers me. This at least has the element of mystery, romance, a certain epic grandeur. I agree with Eamon that it needs a bit more action imagery (but not the Apes!)…..but otherwise I like it……and I do think the artist has done something useful in assembling things the way he has.

  • Eamon….Need to get high rez stills for you then. It would be great if you could add to the art library…..maybe something for the December 1 John Carter screening event. ….

  • I cannot actually tell weather it’s a photomontage with some art filters or weather it’s unique piece of illustration. Either way It’s a nice poster and a sight lot better than what we got. It needs some action though.
    If I had the right amount good quality stills, I could do something like this if it would be of use?

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