Hindi Tarzan Movies? Of Course!


The article from the Times of India that I posted yesterday contained a reference:  “the character is also a perennial favourite of B-grade Hindi filmmakers – images of Hemant Birje as Tarzan and Kimi Katkar as his lady love, continue to haunt us till date!”.  That got me to googling, and Youtubing, and the results are pretty interesting.  Check out these clips:

A Tarzan song and dance number:

A clip

A different Hindi Tarzan

I’m also curious about the name Hermant Birje because it sounds so much like Herman Brix — the Tarzan who was the world champ shot putter whom MGM selected in 1931 to play Tarzan — but he broke his shoulder filming another movie and was replaced by another Olympian, Johnny Weissmuller …… leading to a certain amount of history. Brix later played Tarzan in The New Adventures of Tarzan — the movie produced by ERB himself and Ashton Dearholt in Guatemala. Is there any connection or is it just random that the Hindi actor’s name is so similar?

Anyway, if you want to while away a little time, go to youtube and search Hindi Tarzan and you’ll find lots of clips.


  • Clingy wet dresses and no bra? Someone must have watched the Bo Derek Tarzan the Ape Man for ideas. Or the other way around-when were these films made?

    Getting off topic for a moment was there a post on here about Pellucidar and the idea of “inner worlds?” Because I found a clip I posted on my blog that has some Pellucidar-inspired ideas. Or am I just imagining it?

  • I like the elephant dance in the first clip at 2:40. Boy are these Bollywood movies a test of resistance to songs in movie, a full 8 minutes and there doesn’t seem to be a lot a variety in the lyrics!

    Now about these wet clothes contest…

    In the third clip, I think the director deserves the “lousiest angles to film a fight scene” award, with those strikes that miss by a mile!

    Those movies seem like fun! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • LOL! As much as I like Bollywood I couldn’t watch any of these clips all the way through! I know there is no attempt (or intent) at authenticity whatsoever but sheesh! The dance number reminds me of a B-side Disney offering … too cute…

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