A REALLY Nice John Carter Fan Trailer by William Farrelly

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Dunno how we missed this before — but found it this morning and I love it! I’ve watched it three times …..This is REALLY excellent! Congrats to William Farrelly.


  • Thank you so much for all the support on this. It’s definitely rough around the edges and given more time I could’ve padded out some of the audio stuff but overall I was happy with it. I appreciate the comments!

  • It’s an awesome trailer because it shows Carter in a more active (even hyperactive!) role than what’s in the movie, a guy that leaves whatever past he had behind and fully embraces the wonders of Barsoom. It doesn’t emphasize the Therns at all, and shows the existence of the love story. Love it.

  • It was OK. The last part of it was better than most of the trailers but the fact that it opens with the two elements I hated most front and center…Yeah the Outlaw Whiny Carter and Magic Junk Jewerly of Mars is not the way to sell a movie.

  • William- Thanks very much for making this fantastic trailer! I loved the books as a boy, and thought the movie got a raw deal. I’ve spread the word on FB/Twitter/Google+. Hope this gets you more traffic. You do great work- something like this might have been helpful during the run-up to the movie itself (it’s 100 times better than any studio-generated promo stuff I saw, that’s for sure!). Again, great work!

  • This is absolutely incredible. It made me want to go see the movie once again. The other fan trailer already had been amazing but this one is a good competition. Totally thrilling editing work !!!

    Disney should be hiring these people. This is how you do a John Carter trailer , particulary oriented to the action crowd who didn´t knew nothing about the book for example.
    One of the best trailers i ever seen along with the other popular fan trailer about the legacy of the character.

  • What an epic trailer, so sad that wasn’t the official.
    Now I have to rewatch John Carter for Mars thanks to this amazing work.
    Best adventure and sci-fi movie ever!

  • Ya that was great! Now I’m even more anxious to watch John Carter again at today’s screening in Santa Monica. 🙂

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