Did you receive the John Carter Files Email Newsletter Yesterday?

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It included a limited time offer of a free copy of John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood.

Yesterday we published our first John Carter Files Newsletter and it went out to more than a thousand of our readers . . . . and I think we got it to pretty much everyone who has declared themselves by subscribing to JCF or commenting and voluntarily providing us an email address.  In this email, we offered a free eBook copy of John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood to regular readers here who are willing to read it and–if you like it–comment about it on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  The offer is open until Sunday.  To view the newsletter, click on the image below — and if you want a free copy of JCGOH, click on the link in the email and we’ll get a copy to you. This is a limited time offer and what we are asking in return is that — if you like it — you’ll talk about it, comment on Amazon, Facebook, etc. The offer is open until Sunday. (But if you wake up Monday morning and suddenly have a desire, email us and we’ll figure something out.)

Oops…true confession. It didn’t go out to ALL of our regulars because this particular newsletter is pitched to the “pro-sequel” crowd, and I didn’t want to offend our contrarians by blithely pitching you to help the sequel movement. Didn’t want to set you off and have you charge us with spamming–get us in trouble with Mailchimp, that sort of thing. Anyway, by being careful, we’re very happy to report that the mailing went well — 60%  have opened it so far, and there has only been one “unsubscribe”  . . . .

But I don’t want the contarians to think we don’ t love ya . . . we do. That’s why I’m writing now – to make sure you know the email newsletter exists and to invite you to sign up. You’ll also probably get a formal opt-in request, but you don’t wait for that. Future emails will cover a variety of things and won’t all be pushing on the sequel issue.

Anyway — to be added to the list, just shoot an email to admin@thejohncarterfiles.com and say you’re willing to subject your self to future email newsletters . . . . .we’ll get you on the list.

Click on the image below to see the newsletter.

(Oh, and a big thanks to Jim Sullos and ERB Inc for the kind words about JCGOH . . . . much appreciated.)



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