• Absolutely! 🙂

    And add to that Barsoomians can watch life on Earth, and Ulysses Paxton masters the art of Gridley waves. I wouldn’t count on John Carter to remember how many days there are in an earthen year, but Ulysses must know, he’s more of the scientific type!

  • Steve,

    But . . . . but . . . . . .

    With Barsoomian science having evolved to where it is today, it is quite easy for Barsoomian scientists to make the necessary calculations in order to transmit a “Happy New Year From Barsoom” greeting, timing everything so that it arrives on Jasoom on the correct day. Such a greeting doesn’t imply that it’s New Years Day on Barsoom. It’s the same concept as if I were to transmit a “Happy Bastille Day From the US” greeting to a Pascalahad in France, for example, ensuring that arrives on the right day and time. . . . .just made more complicated by the distance, etc.

  • Jeez. You know, I hate always being the bad guy, but then, all the worlds a stage and we are but mere actors upon it.

    While it may very well be “new year’s day” on Jasoom, that does not necessarily mean that the equivalent day on Barsoom is the same day.

    In fact, the fact that Barsoom’s requires nearly two years to complete a full circuit of the sun, it is almost certain that New Year’s Day on Earth is NOT New Year’s Day on Mars and, by translation or transfiguration or transportation or transmigration, also not New Year’s Day on Barsoom.

    In the spirit of the day, I’ll refrain from making connections between this form of incorrect thinking and the film itself… 🙂

  • Happy New Year!! 2012 has been quite a bumpy ride for an ERB fan. Eventually we’re talking about a JOHN CARTER MOOOVIE!! Well, even if the end success was not what we would have hoped, either qualitatively or financially. Hopefully 2013 will bring good news for everybody, fans of the movie or not. Hopefully, some good news for all ERB fans!

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