Amazon Offers Free Downloads of John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood for 48 Hours on 6,7 Feb.

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John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood will be available for free download from Amazon for 48 hours beginning at midnight Pacific time on Tuesday night and continuing until midnight on Thursday night. (That’s Feb 6, 7 on the calendar.)

This comes a few days after the JCGOH eBook briefly reached #1 on one Amazon category  bestseller chart  and #2 on another.   As word of the free promotion has gotten out today, sales have softened and this afternoon it was at number 4, and may drop further. However, the free promotion should, if it does what these things are supposed to do, result in a sales surge after it is over.  Please note — just so there’s no misunderstanding — these are category charts, not the overall Amazon charts.  There’s a long way to go before it gets anywhere near the top of the overall charts.  But as Pappy would say, it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick and we’ll take it.

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Thanks to everyone for your help thus far and by all means if you haven’t bought it yet, take advantage of the free download. My only request is that you consider reviewing it on Amazon after reading it, as every review (even if it’s not a rave!) adds to the credibility by showing that people are reading the book and motivated to write about it. We have 34 reviews so far and that’s a very respectable total for an indie title. We’re hoping that the free promotion will push the number of reviews above 40, and possibly as high as 50. Reaching 50 reviews would put it in the top 3% of indie published titles, which would be a great place to be.

How You Can Help (again) . . . .

You can help the sales of the book by downloading it for free during the free promotion. I know it’s counterintuitive, but it’s true. And it’s true even if you previously bought the book or the eBook. So download, download, download.

Why? Let me try to explain.

As a book rises in either the “Free” or “Paid” bestseller charts on Amazon, the Amazon algorithm is favorably affected and this causes it to start appearing with more and more frequently on search results in the “people who bought” or “recommended” results. If a free promotion garners a substantial number of downloads, this helps boost the profile of the book in subsequent days and weeks. Each download counts, so — you’ll truly be “helping the cause” by downloading it.

Thanks again for the terrific support.  It was the readers of The John Carter Files and the members of the Back to Barsoom Facebook Group and the other ERB Facebook groups who bought the book early on and wrote reviews that gave it the opportunity to get as far as it has.  I thank you, and hopefully ERB would thank you if he could, as we’re keeping the conversation going about ERB, John Carter, and Barsoom.

One More Thing ….if you already read the book but didn’t review it….

If you read the book previously and didn’t review it — please take a minute and go to Amazon and review it now, before the free promotion starts tomorrow (Tuesday) night at midnight PST.  Say what you truly feel about it and give it the rating you feel it deserves.  Here is the direct link to leave a review on Amazon.  (You’ll need to be logged in to Amazon.)

Click on the Image Below to Visit the Amazon Page.

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