Scott Tracy Griffin Interview re Tarzan, John Carter and more

Tarzan, The Tarzan Files

Here’s a video interview of friend of Barsoom Scott Tracy Griffin, author of the very excellent Tarzan, the Centennial Celebration.   Tracy is one of the world’s top authorities (maybe THE top authority) on Tarzan and has been a great supporter of the Back to Barsoomers …..  You can view the video embedded below, and the link to the Mr. Media page is here.  


  • I felt like the interviewer was uncomfortable with his Geek-hood by asking if it was odd to carry around ERB books in high school. Maybe it was for him. For me, my teachers borrowed my copies.

  • As a Burroughs fan and someone who loves to see good material to introduce others to ERB, this is a WONDERFUL interview. It kicks into gear around the 3:30 mark. Many memorable comments about ERB the man, about the history of ERB’s work in many forms, what is happening currently in the ERB universe, and what is coming in the days and years to come. I hope that Scott Tracy Griffin gets his wish and that his book “Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration” gets us one step closer to him doing a similar treatment for John Carter. The story of ERB’s creation of Barsoom, the long history of the brilliant artwork which has sprung up around it over the decades, and how Barsoom was released and experienced in multiple media formats (in much the same way as the iconic Tarzan) warrants its own dedicated volume.

    Thank you, Tracy, for sharing your enthusiasm and hard work and providing this treat for the ERB fans – old, new, and future fans alike!

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