A New John Carter of Mars Trailer from BacktoBarsoom.com

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Brand new fan trailer by Back to Barsoom . . . . .  gives a thorough epic push and has a surprise at the end .  . . . .  thank you Sohrab aka Dotar Sojat for doing this , and a lot of other cool things lately.


  • On “Heritage”: Majestic. Thrilling. Epic. Anyone who wouldn’t want to see the movie presented, here, in this way… just couldn’t be my friend. And who WOULDN’T want to see a sequel!?

  • Good job. Frankly, though I love ERB and the film, it did seem to run a tad long. But it does a terrific job of explaining to non-aficionados what it’s all about.

  • It’s nice to see the Burroughs influence illustrated in a gripping trailer. Nice work! If Barsoom enthusiasts stay focused, we might just see a sequel or a reboot before too long.

  • As good a trailer, or better, than Disney produced. Thanks for sharing Michael. Bob. H.

  • Add this trailer along with “Heritage”… warms the heart, touches the soul of what could have been…BUT..will forever be…BARSOOM….

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