Barsoomians Adopting Last Son of Krypton, Hoping For Better Outcome with Man of Steel

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Kaor, fellow Barsoomians.  Having received zero “no” votes, I have proceeded with the adoption of Kal-El, Last Son of Krypton, and am pleased to announce that adoption procedures are complete.  See the following announcement which has gone out on the Intergalactic 10th Ray News Ticker.  Also see my comments at the end.


Barsoomians Adopting The Last Son of Krypton as Their Own, Hope For Better Outcome 

Barsoomians at The John Carter Files have decided to adopt Kal-El, the Last Son of Krypton, as a literary descendant of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original sci-fi superhero, John Carter, and have raised the curtain on a new website, Man of Steel 360 ( that will chronicle the run-up to the release of Warner Brothers’ Man of Steel on June 14, 2013. The welcome message on the new site reads as follows:

This is an unofficial fansite exploring all aspects of the MAN OF STEEL and honoring the legacy of the Last Son of Krypton.  It is brought to you by THE JOHN CARTER FILES, whose denizens, after thorough deliberation,  have adopted Kal-El as one of the literary offspring of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  We hope WB’s  MAN OF STEEL kills it and, in so doing, eases some of our pain over what happened with the release of Disney’s JOHN CARTER.

The site’s originating curator is Michael D. Sellers, author of John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood, a book which offers a behind the scenes look at the production and marketing of Disney’s John Carter, and which has hovered in the top 5 in its category (Movies/History and Criticism)  on Amazon since its release in November 2012.   “It was really the latest trailer for Man of Steel that got my attention,” Sellers noted.  “It reminded me that Superman creator Jerry Siegel was originally inspired in part by John Carter, and since we don’t exactly have a John Carter sequel in the pipeline, the thought of adopting little Kal-El came to mind.  I floated the idea on The John Carter Files and no one cried foul, so I decided to go ahead and create a parallel site that will basically follow the template we created with The John Carter Files, along with some enhancements.”

That template with enhancements will include:

  • A Daily “Newsfeed” aggregating all articles from across the web about Man of Steel.
  • Selected highlighted stories taken from the newsfeed and presented with commentary, summary, and link.
  • Original and guest blog posts and articles.
  • Box Office News, Speculation, Analysis
  • Reviews
  • Pages on the history, origins, and influences on Superman through the years.

Complete Historical Web Archive

Additionally, the site will feature an historical web archive going back to 2009 capturing articles from across the web tracing the full development and pre-production of Man of Steel from the time it was first announced in 2009.   “We didn’t do such an archive for The John Carter Files — and then when I was writing John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood I had to create one after the fact as part of the research for the book.  This way, readers can browse the full history of the project, plus there will be a ready-made archive if needed for research purposes.”

Does that mean a book is planned?

“Not sure,” said Sellers.  “Let’s see how everything unfolds.  For now, it’s just a website.”

And what of The John Carter Files?

“Nothing changes there.  JCF is in it for the long haul, and will continue to post articles relevant to John Carter, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and the quest for cinematic fulfillment that has eluded the Warlord for a century.”


[Comment:   Hope no one feels like this is anything other than supportive of John Carter, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and, as I called it above, our “quest for cinematic fulfillment”.   If anything, getting in there and mucking round with Man of Steel fans provides an opportunity for recruitment of new Barsoom fans if we play our cards right.   Plus I’ve got to say, the prospect of being able to follow a film that feels like a winner, where the marketing team seems to be making great moves and the production and story all seem intriguing and promising, feels like fun.  Here we go!]

So … please click here or on the image below and become acquainted with


  • Great official trailers. Looks like this movie will be the greatest Superman yet. Love Russel Crowe as Jor-El.

  • I love the look of, and in general I don’t like reading white letters on black backgrounds; I guess the size of the font is just adequate.

    I have a small screen at home and the “Man of Steel” letters on the left is “eating” the text of the articles.

    When I type comments on the site, it’s black on black. I typed my comments on Word and copy/pasted them though, worked fine. But all my comments seem to await moderation!

  • After seeing 300 Zach Snyder made the top of my personal list of directors worthy of adapting A Princess of Mars. Awesome visuals, and he knew how to portray a strong, not-sword-wielding woman (even if the Sparta bits added nothing to the story at all).

  • I would agree that when I saw 300, I thought — this is what I imagined Barsoom would be like. And then when I saw the new trailer, those Krypton scenes at the beginning really felt like Barsoom the way I imagined it. Did you see see the glimpse of flyers and things like that? Very cool. I’m getting excited. It’s not John Carter 2, but it will have to do for now.

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