Video: Constantin Films’ New Theatrical Trailer for Tarzan

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Constantin Films has finally come out with a full theatricaal trailer for their upcoming 3D motion capture Tarzan film starring Kellen Lutz as Tarzan and Spencer Locke as Jane. What do you think? I’ll leave my comments in the comments section like everyone else.

Here is the previous Teaser trailer:


  • This is vastly better than the original teaser, but I’m lying if I said I am 100% excited.

    Something to notice: at one point at the end of the trailer it looks like there’s a strange arctic scene. If part of this is going to the arctic, kudos: that sounds really inventive. Part of what made some of the post Jewels of Opar books so exasperating is, they had the same setting and scenario. It would have been interesting to send Tarzan to the Amazon, or to the arctic, or to China, but Burroughs played it safe with the Tarzan brand.

    The little kid on the airplane leads me to think Tarzan’s origin here might be as an American in a plane crash as he was in the Weismuller movies.

    Anybody else notice the “Greystoke Industries” building? Most revealing shot of the entire film. For one thing, it means this is not a period movie, but is set in modern times, and it tells us Tarzan’s background will be updated to scion of an industrialist family, as it was in the 2000s series with Travis Fimmel.

    I suspect part of the reason this trailer isn’t exactly getting people excited is because, like John Carter’s original trailer, it tries to sell itself on imagery that people are overly familiar with and looks derivative instead of showing unique elements. If Jane is going to be a brassy tough gal, play that up (as it is, she was barely in the trailer). Heck, even something as familiar as Tarzan on an elephant would have looked interesting.

    The trailer covers the same ground as the Tarzan Disney film, which is the absolute kiss of death because that’s a film that’s practically defining for a whole generation. Lord have mercy, why did it have to be GORILLAS again? The same veldt, the same waterfall, the same dives and swings. No wonder nobody likes it; the trailer didn’t justify the existence of the film.

  • Since German film-makers feel pretty much obligated to abide by the Green Party line, I am certain we will see some Environmentalist vs Entrepreneurs/evil guys in this version. Still … IT’S TARZAN!! I can’t resist — this Fall I am sure I will be in the cinema with my 3-D glasses enjoying the jungle, the animals and Tarzan meeting Jane. (Even though I would rather be seeing “John Carter and the Gods of Mars”).

  • I am hopeful, going but what I see in the trailer. If someone would do a truly faithful and well-adapted-for-film live-action, however…I would be in heaven…

  • I’m pleasantly surprised. I feared somewhat completely sanitized, and yet there’s some fight vs animals (I don’t expect blood nor to see any animal killed though, but still). The 19-year old version of Tarzan will be the first on screen version, to my knowledge, to sport a scar on his face (I’ve seen this in the making-of on Youtube, not in the trailer). There is romance. I like the movements of Tarzan among the trees, it’s not limited to vines. I like the overall look of it. So color me interested.

    Is he fighting Terkoz, or his equivalent, in the trailer? Will we see a glimpse of his ascension among the ape community? Why is the hunting knife so tiny?

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