First Unofficial Legend of Tarzan Fan Poster Appears Online and It’s Awesome

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At the moment I’m posting this even though it’s a bit of a mystery.  Obviously — it’s branded but I went to the site and couldnlt find it there.  It’s being passed around on Facebook. I will update this with an explanation.  UPDATE:  Okay, he posted it on his Facebook Page, not his website.  Thank you Gerardo — beautiful!

Meanwhile … Edgar Rice Burroughs has always inspired incredible artwork, and it’s exciting to see the cycle begin.  More later when Ii’ve figured out why it’s not on the website that it’s branded with. If anyone can figure it before me, please leave a comment.

UPDATE:  Gerardo Moreno has gotten in touch and advises that the poster will be up on his website soon.  I had also bungled his link — which has now been fixed.  Go to his website and check it out — .  He is a prolific and talented artist and designer, and he’s done Edgar Rice Burroughs and Legend of Tarzan a favor with this spectacular piece  of work.

You can click on the screenshot below also, to visit his site:

Gerardo-Moreno Website


  • Thanks for sharing. I did that too — and saw the dreads. In one of the shots he’s carrying someone on his back, but I couldn’t tell who that was. good images, thanks!

  • I watched some of the trailer frame by frame and the glimpses of Tarzan running through the jungle in flashbacks before moving to England shows him with dreads and wearing something that might be more in line with the image most people are used to seeing. I didn’t know how to add pics to my reply or if there was an ability to submit, so I’ve loaded onto my WP page. I’m adding the link here. Sorry….my WP blog is for something entirely different, but I wanted to address all of the loin cloth, dreads, and “why does he walk so upright” comments that I’ve seen in the Youtube comments and other publishings.

  • Setting aside the blond and loin cloth issue (the latter easily explained since this is set 10 years since he left the jungle so not living in the trees), I think Alexander Skarsgård has the perfect physique for Tarzan. He’s long and lean, yet muscular, and gives the look of agility and nimbleness. Sorry, but Henry Cavill is way too big and bulky in my opinion and based on Superman, a bit too wooden for my tastes.

  • Ross … it’s Warner Bros not Disney …. and if you think that guy looks like he needs a meal …… well I would have to call that willful curmudgeonliness …the physique is really beyond reasonable reproach . . . .. but we need curmudgeonly commenters here and on FB, so fire away — it’s welcome. No worries. 😉 , by the way. We can agree to disagree and then wait and see what happens. As for money being flushed down the toilet ….a lot of the experts are saying that. One contra-indicator: In less than three days the trailer has gotten 7m views on YouTube, compared to 3.3m for John Carter trailer during its entire lifetime to date. It’s also smoking Spielberg’s The BFG whos trailer was released the same day and will be released the same day to theaters 7m to 4.4m. So . . . while your personal reaction is your personal reaction, I will beg to differ on the box office doom prediction. Fortunately it’s getting a good reaction — far, far better than ol’ JC ever got. So those of us rooting it on have cause for feeling cautiously optimistic.

  • Sorry. Not great. Tarzan looks like he needs a decent meal. Blonde haired Tarzan in cargo pants just doesn’t cut it. Skarsgard would have been quite good as Carson of Venus. They needed Henry Cavil to make Tarzan work and in a tough hide loin cloth the would have stood up to a life spent in the trees… Disney has flushed its $ down the toilet.

  • Such a fantastic fan posterlending some of the most powerful images from what we have so far on an artisticall balanced and very appealing way. I particularly like the vine swinging Tarzan in silhouette and it’s placement. Good to see fans taking such an active and creative part so soon.m

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