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Here’s a media post on the Legend of Tarzan trailer that is like many others — except that in the body of the article, the author has picked up and retweeted some of our tweets and posts, as well as some tweets from the  tireless Rick Barry from some of his ERB and Legend of Tarzan related social media accounts as well.  Is this significant?  Probably not in the grand scheme of things, unless more bloggers and journalists start doing it.   But in fact, the whole raison d’etre for John Carter Files in the very early days was to provide fodder for journalists who were then covering the rollout of John Carter.  It has evolved since then, but that remains something that is high on the agenda here — now for Legend of Tarzan, as the latest Edgar Rice Burroughs screen adaptation.

In any event, here’s the summary and link.  You can say thanks to the author  by clicking and commenting on the other end.

Movienews Guide: Legend of Tarzan Update — What Can We Expect From the Movie?

by Surabhi Verma

A new picture of stars Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie of “The Legend of Tarzan” has been recently released depicting the two in an all-new avatar. The Warner Bros. film has already been in the making for a year and is expected to be not so good.

The stars in the picture, even after being somewhat mudded up, look stunning. It has been revealed that the movie is going to put a major focus on the later years of life of Tarzan. To be depicted as a more civilized lifestyle, there exists a wild man who wants to escape from within. [See the pictures below] The film is expected to get released in July 2016. However, new promotional material is not expected to appear online soon. With Margo Robbie, as one of the cast members, has been phenomenal when her casting in “Suicide Squad” is considered. She has also been crowned as one of the biggest stars of the years as per IMDB reports. Her pairing with Alexander Skarsgard, who has been associated with HBO for a longer term, is all set to cause a storm in the world of blockbusters.

Click to go the article and see how the author has incorporated our and Rick Barry’s content into her post. Thank you, Surabhi!  Link to the article.


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