Legend of Tarzan: 10 Trailer Reaction Videos

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For those who don’t know — doing “Trailer Reaction” videos is popular on YouTube and it’s fascinating to watch. I just chose the first ten I could find. I did NOT cherry pick and I don’t know what’s there — I watched the first one, and then after that just grabbed and pasted. Now I’m going to post them — and later on, after I’ve had time to watch them, I’ll comment.


  • Yes, I’m noticing the same thing. a) King Kong — first words out of their mouth when they see the opening scenes …b) they reference Disney. Meanwhile I added another ten or so on another post……

  • OK I give up for today. There are just too much of those! I should have counted, I watched probably… 50 of them right now? In three days? My brain melts. I managed to find one in French though. 🙂 An awful lot of people think it looks like Peter Jackson’s King Kong, especially at the beginning, but it can’t be bad. The cinematography in King Kong was also gorgeous, so… Most people like the trailer, I saw just one saying it looked like sh… Most are surprised they even liked it. Only a few of them can pronounce Skarsgard! Just one referenced Christopher Lambert’s Tarzan, almost all the others referred to Disney.

  • I was not aware of this kind of thing… vidding your reaction to a trailer! Man, what the millennial generation comes up with! I particularly enjoyed the reaction of the young black men. I had no idea that so many remembered and liked the Disney movie and the TV show. And thumbs up to Ederice who actually knew that there were a ton of earlier Tarzan movies and thought that none of them had ever done justice to the character. Everyone seems pretty excited about this and how it compares to the Disney. They are ready for something live action and dramatic. Well, so am I. Thanks for posting these.

  • I spent most of the last evening to watch those teaser’s reactions, and yet 6 out of the 10 you posted I hadn’t seen! It seems like it’s a very common internet practice.

    It seems like the only point of reference of everybody (they’re all quite young) is the Disney movie, so God bless it! Without it, it seems they would have absolutely zero knowledge of the property. It seems like Tarzan and the Lost City, which is not much older than the Disney movie, is also lost in the public consciousness, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in that regard. Some aren’t even aware that the Disney movie was based on a book, they think it’s original! I saw some even ask for tree-surfing and nods to the Phil Collins soundtrack.

    Second point, 9 out of 10 I would say love the teaser very much. The critics I saw are that it’s a “by the numbers” trailer (and I’m personally glad for that after the John Carter marketing), and that the CGI was in places unconvincing as of now (Tarzan will have to compete in that area with the most excellent Planet of the Apes). In spite of their love for the Disney movie it seems like everyone is ready to embrace a more realistic and darker take. Everybody reacts favorably to the cuteness of the Tarzan baby scene, and the scene where nobody reacts at all is the obviously all-CGI stampede scene.

    Most seem to have heard absolutely nothing about the movie until now, which is odd. Most discover the cast as the teaser goes along (“Is that Christoph Waltz?”; “Oh, Samuel L. Jackson is in this?”). Every man seems in love with Margot Robbie (who wouldn’t?) and even some would go gay for Skarsgard. I haven’t seen a woman yet doing the “first impression” thing though. It would be interesting.

    Overall most reactions are very encouraging and positive.

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