Best Movie Italia: Skarsgard is Elegant in Sweltering Heat During a Legend of Tarzan Set Visit

Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

Best Movie Italia has a nice article on Legend of Tarzan that includes at least one very nice new image — see above.   Also some interesting notes about a set visit in September.

And it is  in Victorian England that the story is set  during our visit in September at Leavesden Studios in London: it is an afternoon in September of 2014, the extras are already in place and resist despite the sweltering heat. Some are standing, others sitting on carriages  of military green and omnibuses drawn by pairs of horses. The details are impeccable, so much so that on each side of the cars you read the names of the stops: Piccadilly, Holborn, Bank, Maryland Road and so on. When the director will give the clapper will cross a long driveway, perfect reconstruction of Downing Street (at number 10 which is the seat of the Prime Minister), to give the impression of a busy street. At the end of the trail, where sometimes a crew member goes to water with a hose, there are two large green sheets held up by two cranes, needed to re-create the rest of the city with special effects. It is a scene that is half an hour into the film, when Lord Greystoke went to talk to the Prime Minister to confirm his return to Congo.

An  elegant Skarsgard arrives, white shirt and red vest and black in a long gray coat, blacks and shiny shoes pants, he repeats his lines while someone adjusts her makeup and combing her long blond hair with the help of a bit ‘of lacquer. A few meters away from him is Samuel L. Jackson, who plays George Washington Williams. He will convince the star to return to Africa.

Read the rest at Best Movie. in Italian or here in a Google Translated version.

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