Michael Kaluta

A Princess of Mars — Illustrated by Michael Kaluta

Art, Edgar Rice Burroughs

Every once in awhile I come across some Barsoom art that really speaks to me – and this is one of those times.  Michael Kaluta is an experienced comics and fantasy illustrator, but if you look at his other excellent work — I don’t think it quite predicts the unique approach he has taken with A Princess of Mars.  I am quite enraptured by the romanticism of what he’s done here.  The book is available here.  And here is Michael Kaluta’s Facebook Page.

Michael Kaluta John Carter and Dejah Thoris

A Princess Of Mars - Dejah Thoris & John Carter by Michael Kaluta A Princess Of Mars - History Lesson Above Lost Korad by Michael Kaluta A Princess Of Mars - The Prisoner of the Tharks by Michael Kaluta A Princess Of Mars - John Carter & Dejah Thoris by Michael Kaluta


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