MovieFone: 11 Things Learned on the Set of Legend of Tarzan


Two years ago we were invited to the set of “The Legend of Tarzan” (then shooting under the far pulpier title of “Tarzan the Untamed”) and it was really, really cool. The massive production, helmed by “Harry Potter” director David Yates and starring Alexander Skarsgård (as Tarzan),Margot Robbie (as Jane), Christoph Waltz (as real-life historical baddie Léon Rom, a man who supposedly kept the severed heads of black Africans in his flower bed), and Samuel L. Jackson(as a much more benevolent real-life character, George Washington Williams), stretched across several massive sound stages at Warner Bros.’ Leavesden studio.

We walked through everything from a recreated Victorian street to a large cave where a dramatic showdown between Tarzan, native African warriors, and giant apes occurs (you can see this in one of the many striking trailers for the film). It was hugely impressive, and on the day we were there, got to see part of a fight sequence that seemingly took place on a runaway train.

Everything about the movie is huge–Yates shot some of it on 70mm film and it will be distributed in IMAX, and the attention to detail in every part of the production is staggering.

Below are 11 more things that we learned from the set of

“The Legend of Tarzan” (opening on July 1st).

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