Legend of Tarzan: Alexander Skarsgaard’s Stunt Double Talks About His Experience as Tarzan


WalesOnline |  Swinging from vines, clinging to branches, leaping between treetops – it’s all in a day’s work for Augusts Dakteris, stunt double in The Legend of Tarzan.

The 30-year-old from Cardiff was approached by the casting team from Warner Bros to pull off the daring aerial feats in the big screen Hollywood blockbuster released earlier this month.

“It happened quite out of the blue,” said Augusts, who was performing with NoFit State Circus in the Netherlands when he got the call.

Aerial stunts

“They were looking for someone who could do the aerial stunts, like swinging, and they thought I looked a bit like Alexander Skarsgard.”

Swedish actor Skarsgard, known for his role in fantasy horror series True Blood, stars as Tarzan in the film that follows the hero as he is called back to the jungle after living in London.

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