Legend of Tarzan Logs $11.1M Weekend; US Total Now $103.5M; Global Total $194M


Legend of Tarzan is in with an 11.1M third weekend, bringing its domestic total to$103.5M.  Meanwhile, new foreign numbers are in with foreign at $90.6M through July 17.  Next big milestone in the rollout is July 19, when LOT is released in China.

Legend of Tarzan also passed Independence Day Resurgence this weekend — IDR stands at $98.5M after the weekend, and is one week deeper into its run than Legend of Tarzan.

Here’s the foreign update from Deadline:

Italy, the Nordics and the completion of Euro 2016 soccer action helped the Warner Bros’ pic swing to another $22M on 8,600 screens in 55 markets. The international total for the update on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic character is $90.6M. Italypounded out a No. 1 start at $1.6M on 550 screens while the Nordics generated a collective $4.5M. Star Alexander Skarsgard hails from Sweden and did a local promotional push there which helped the market ape out to a $2.2M start on 283 screens.

Despite the tragedy in Nice at the beginning of the weekend, France dropped just 4% on the film as folks sought escapist distractions. The cume there is $6.3M. The lead market is Mexico at $9.3M followed by the UK at $8.8M; Russia with $7.6M; France; Australia ($6.2M) and Korea ($6.1M).

Tarzan gets a special treat this week when he swings into a rare July slot for a Hollywood film in China on Tuesday. Brazil and Spain also open this week.