Nerdvana: John Carter of Mars Should be the next HBO Game of Thrones


by Bob Leeper| Nerdvana

The Internets have been in an uproar lately over the impending, albeit slow-motion, conclusion of HBO’s Game of Thrones television series, which will end after only seven Season 7 episodes in 2017 and six Season 8 episodes in 2018.

Despite additional rumors of a potential spin-off series, fans are disappointed to have the finale of GOT in sight. To be certain, it’s a bummer on the same scale as being decapitated – but wait, hold the door!

There is another literary fantasy series, with an equally amazing monarchical atmosphere of politics, drama, action and incredible beasts – with stories that are loved by thousands, including George R. R. Martin himself, and that undoubtedly inspired the GOT author to become a writer. I’m talking about, of course, John Carter of Mars!

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  • Oh, that would be very nice and actually a good fit for that material, a little more adult approach, and there are so many existing stories and adventures to work with for content.

    Michael, I saved a poster for you from the opening night of the “Tarzan Myth & Mystery” exhibit at the Bravos Valley Museum back in June. If you would like it, contact me I would be glad to send it to you for your efforts over the years with this site.

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