National Geographic’s Lavish Mars TV Series Begins Tonight (Nov. 14)

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This brand new dramatic mini-series depicting the first manned mission to Mars in 2033 is interspersed with commentary by today’s leading Mars experts. The first episode has been available online for the last week or two, and is a gripping experience. Built upon our current knowledge of the possibilities and challenges of a manned Mars mission, this series is part wonder, part science, part documentary, and is a compelling portrayal of how things might really go in the next ten to twenty years. Each episode includes a short film highlighting the formative moments early in the lives of the six crew members.

The website is an impressive and engaging survey of such a mission, including the phases of transport, the scientific necessities and potential, the nature of habitation and activities on the surface of Mars, and the raw thrill of venturing to another world.

The Earthlings of 2016 might not be ready to set sail for the red planet tomorrow (let’s check in ten years from now), but starting tonight, we can begin to take a peek.

Check out the National Geographic channel tonight at 9 Eastern and drop by

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