Dum Dum 2017 is Off and Running — Updates from Cathy Wilbanks


by Cathy Wilbanks

Hi Everybody!
Dum dum 2017 is off and running, and I am determined to master this video report┬áthing……so here we go

Update 1

Update 2

Okay, now I figured out it works better if I put the camera in landscape position. And . . . we figured out better ways to keep the quality good. Check it out. Getting better!

Update 3

With Jim Sullos and author Lee Strong (and Soldier and Poloda)!

My dad and Joan came to visit us all the way from Toronto, Ontario Canada! It was great to catch up!


Lee Strong at his panel on Soldier of Poloda!

Hanging out with the amazing Leia Powell.
With Lee Strong and Soldier of Poloda, his book, just released!

Leia Powell with her amazing beau stained glass window!