April 19, 2012 at 7pm — “Last Trip to Barsoom”

It all began when John Carter fan Darla Brooks posted on Facebook: “I want to go see John Carter’s last showing at El Capitan on April 19th.” The post, which appeared on the wall of the Facebook Group “Take me back to Barsoom! I want John Carter to have a sequel!” struck a chord with the other 8,000 members of the group, and as a result fans of John Carter are now planning to converge on El Capitan for the final showing of the Andrew Stanton film on April 19, at 7pm.


More information will be provided this week — return to this page for details. Meanwhile, for fans who want to participate, here’s how:


If you can physically attend:
  • Advance tickets can be purchased online at the El Capitan Official Site.  Fans should buy the $16 General Admission tickets. The El Capitan management is allowing general admission ticket holders to sit in the VIP section, normally $26.  There is no need to buy the VIP ticket.
  • There is also an option to be part of a group ticket purchase at a ticket price of $12.  To avail of this, you need to pay either via Paypal or Check.
    • Paypal Instructions:  Log In to Your Paypal account and click “send money” to the email address baedergarland@aol.com.  This is the account of group member Rebecca Baeder Garland who is handling the group purchase.   Send $12 to Rebecca and send a companion email to Rebecca at baedergarland@aol.com, with cc copy to backtobarsoom@gmail.com.  You will get a confirmation and will be able to get your ticket at the theater from Rebecca at a Will-Call station we will set up there.
If you cannot  physically attend but want to participate:
  • Organize a group and attend in your area — we have groups in multiple cities in multiple countries doing this.
  • Buy a ticket for the El Capitan Screening online and the group will use it to get someone in to see it who otherwise could not.  We will be creating a “thank you” wall with pix and other info about those who help in this way.
Stay tuned for more information.  This is a fast-breaking situation that is gaining momentum.  Thanks for being part of it!

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