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ric Holland hmmmmm
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Michael D. Sellers It’s turning into a really good, civil conversation. Jack could use some backup, though . . . . .
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Sparky Santos Who’s MCR and why is he so grumpy?
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Michael D. Sellers He passionately believes to the core of his being that Stanton screwed it up for ERB forever ……he’s been keeping a fansite for 5 years … …… He just can’t control his scorn and vitriol but I actually have grown to like him a little …..he’s just compltely uncompromising and colorful. . . . when he’s on his best behavior he is very articulate and intelligent, but mostly he’s not on his best behavior . . . and he’s just giving vent to whatever rant strikes him.

Jcomreader-News and reviews from Barsoom, Mongo and other planets!
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Sparky Santos Maybe I erred in calling him an adult?
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Eric Holland I think some of the changes were needed . . . but I will be honest, I like the IDEA behind some of the changes better than the changes themselves.

more references to the greater world of barsoom earlier on especially
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Jeff Doten I can’t take those guys – no matter what temporary understanding or truce you may gain with them, they always turn on you, they always go for your throat. I’ve known MCR for about 8 years. I’m sure that he’s bipolar or something. The rage that circles within his head is astounding. Steve is newer to me – he is not a measured or kind man in any sense.

I have an adopted alcoholic brother ( who very much out of life), and he’s exactly the same. As a sane person you try and fix things and make things better between people. Things get better for a little while but it never lasts. You can’t fix it, and they don’t care about fair, or what you feel, they just want to amuse themselves at your expense.

With MCR I’ve been through his over the top vitriol followed by private emails of apology to modestly sane and back to bi-polar attacks multiple times. I’ve really really tried, but there is something deeply wrong with these guys.
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Sparky Santos Thanks for that insight.
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Jeff Doten Sorry for the rant – I consider it sort of a public service
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Caractacus Jack Yeah, I’ve tried to discuss things rationally with MCR in the past. Waste Of Time. If you love the movie at all then you worship Stanton (even if weren’t aware of the man until JOHN CARTER). You mention Michael Moorcock loved the movie, and well, he’s a kiss ass. You mention ERB’s family love the movie, and it’s what do they know?

I’ve tried to be civil in the past to no avail. Now I let him know in no uncertain terms that I think he’s an imbecile. It gets the reaction from him anyway, and it’s more fun for me.
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Jeff Doten They don’t come near anymore. They were welcome until they thought they owned the joint.
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Daniel Presnell Never try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig
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Diana Cole When the John Carter of Mars Unofficial Fansite was up and running, MCR used to post on the forum. He very nearly got thrown off because of his attitudes. We discussed it at least. When he first started posting on IMDb’s John Carter board it was a fairly calm place to go. He came on ranting so about Disney and Stanton being named director that we were really shocked and told him if he wanted to rant like that to start his own website. He did, but generally his website is more neutral. He did tone it down on IMDb some, as have those other guys now, after different people have called them on it, but they still have times when they get on a nasty roll, like one eggs the other on.
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Jeff Doten I actually remember when MCR first showed up ocn IMDB. His very first post created a complete shit fest.
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Diana Cole Aw, his ears must be burning now since we’re talking about him. He’s pretty much treated me well, I think because I stood up to him and really let him have it a couple of times, or maybe it’s because I am a lady. Anyway, I guess we sort of have an understanding now that we have different opinions. It’s like these times that I’ll sort of feel sorry for him, and then he makes me mad all over again.
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Michael D. Sellers Yes, I know MCR is a pain, but you should consider all the other civil commentary that people are putting up there on this particular question. Henreid has written some very interesting stuff; and Abraham Sherman, and even MCR’s doppelganger Steve Davidson has been generally civil. MCR is just one voice, and he’s strident . . . but there are 40 comments and only three are by him.
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Jeff Doten We just have such a history…
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Caractacus Jack He’s an imbecile. He reminds of the Bernard Cornwell fan that was such an ass on the author’s own site –that Cornwell himself made a personal request that the man stop reading his books.
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Eric Holland There are just some fans . . . that love somethign so much, that they hate everything related to it . . . its a sad truth about fandom
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Ian Ray Hawke Very meaty discourse! Yes, by all means let’s keep in mind that people who love something can still have different opinions about it. One thing that I don’t think you can ever get around is that anyone who has made a movie that is 100% faithful to the novel has made a bad movie. The reason is simple: it’s a different medium. They do not translate directly into each other. That said, everyone is free to dispute anything they don’t like! One thing that I find interesting is that something everyone else seems to consider a weakness in the story line of “A Princess Of Mars” and the whole John Carter concept, is, to me, a huge plus. In fact, it’s what sold me on reading John Carter novels. It’s the fact that Burroughs feels no compulsion to explain how Carter gets to Mars. Quite possibly the most breathtakingly audacious move in the history of literature! And the possible reason this plays so beautifully is that most of the world’s major religions include resurrection … immortality … an afterlife. This is something profoundly human — and something that can be most powerfully left … inexplicable.
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Jeff Doten Thus just keeps us from doing it there
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Sparky Santos Okay; My plan involves getting a Director’s Cut Blu-ray Disc. What do we have to do to make that happen!
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Caractacus Jack I remember asking Andrew Stanton if there would be one at the Burbank screening. He said this is his director’s cut. Which doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see an extended cut of the movie. Maybe he’s changed his mind?
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Sparky Santos Again, this would be as a cashraiser to channel all the profits to getting sequels.
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Caractacus Jack Yeah, I’m definitely all for it. I feel that if Disney put out a Director’s Cut and then promoted it emphasizing the legacy of the series, the romance, and the epic “man of two worlds” aspect …they would stand a chance at rebooting the public perception.
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Michael D. Sellers It would be cool to have an “extended cut” or “extended version” made for the fans that includes new special features and other things relating to the “story” that has been created by the fans, etc, rallying for the film after it was released. But good luck trying to get either Disney or Stanton to do that.
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Caractacus Jack Everything’s difficult when it’s never been done before.
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Sparky Santos Let’s politely ask then.
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Andrew R Hansen That comment thread on JC files is a little out-of-control. Lots of good points, its just a shame people can’t be more civil about these things.
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Jeff Doten It’s what they do… I’m pretty sure they don’t act like this in the real world, but who knows.
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Michael D. Sellers Ha Andrew R Hansen let Jeff and some of the others tell you what it was like on the IMDB John Carter boards ……now THAT was out of control.
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Caractacus Jack It’s still going on over there. Even a year later the same posters going on about how much they dislike the movie, or how it didn’t do well, etc. If someone shows up to mention they liked the movie a lot, they all hammer him.

This strange level of hate directed toward a movie I love is a new experience for me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it happen before with anything. It convinces me of two things:

1. The movie must be as good as I think it is if inspires that kind of reaction from morons.

2. There must be a way to tap into that hate energy and turn it around on them.

Look at this, Sparky Santos. Get any ideas?:

Troy Library: Book Burning Party
Troy, Michigan couldn’t afford to sustain its library, so it scheduled a vote fo…
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Jeff Doten Thank you Michael for that great introduction IMDB is considered by all serious scholars the vilest scum and villainy in the known universe. Michael is right, I’ve had about 9 years now. I met a lot of my Barsoomians Buddies ™ on IMDB. It used to be fun , exciting and hopeful. We debated Conran, Farveau and this man named Stanton. But it all changed one day . I maybe wrong but I think it started with MCR. He came yelling in the door (surprised ? ) we all stopped our own conversations about how ‘naked’ ‘naked’ was and if 15 feet was too tall or not for a thark movie purposes . As a group we told him to shut the hell up. Over time there were others . I’d had epic fire fights before that, but an apology in a private message could patch things up. But they kept coming. I think it was once Stanton was on it and was real . And they ruined it like a horde of warhoons… Corny, but they really did. Think of it happening here ! I’ve actually cleared/ erased my account there. Near the end, even those I thought of as if not ‘friends’ but not ‘vicious’ where screaming and throwing things. IMDB became the worst place in the universe. So what’s going on on Michael’s site is crappy, and I’ve taken a few swings at MCR and Steve but I mostly behave myself out of respect for Michael. Now if it was my site I’d ban their asses, but that’s just me . I even have a written statement for that . I don’t understand what they get out of it, I really don’t. But they are only two. IMDB is swarming with Warhoon and I, sadly can never go back. It’s funny that I should think of this now ,it sounds so school teacherish -but maybe we should post around them, never respond them at all. I mean they make me crazy, but doing it deliberately could be fun. Maybe it will make them crazy.

Anyways IMDB toxic . It is the Forbidden Zone.
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Sparky Santos Jack? Damn clever, let’s figure out a scheme in which we can repeat that happy ending …
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Caractacus Jack My recent viewing of JOHN CARTER, the post TJCF, and the arguments really have me thinking.

I feel I have a much greater understanding of what was planned with the trilogy. What I can see of the structure makes the decisions in advertising even more uninspiring. But I also realized that when people see the movie they don’t always see what I see. Too be fair, I didn’t see what I see until last week.

I’ve been arguing on Michael’s board in part because I enjoy it (keeps the mind sharp). Also though, I think I could help change someone’s mind. Not MCR’s of course, but somebody who stumbles on the page.

I’m thinking of writing an extended piece on what it is I love about the movie. Kind of explain to my friends what I’m seeing when I see the movie.

The new understanding I have of the movie makes me hate the advertising all the more though.
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Caractacus Jack Oh, and structure wise, I’m pretty sure Cathoris wouldn’t appear in the second movie. He’d be born/hatched at the end of WARLORD OF MARS to contrast with ERB’s death on Earth.

They really should’ve added more scenes on Earth and emphasized the “Man of Two Worlds” angle.
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Michael D. Sellers Caractacus Jack Please do write that. Remember that this whole debate over there began with me writing a piece about how an unplanned viewing of John Carter last Friday night gave me new insights into why I like the film. When you come over and put y…See More

An Unplanned Late Night Viewing of John Carter Produces Utter Enchantment and Some Realizations.
Last night I was channel surfing at bedtime and came across John Carter on Starz…
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One thought on “Comments From Facebook About the Raucus John Carter Files Commentary

  • “The rage that circles within his head is astounding. Steve is newer to me – he is not a measured or kind man in any sense.”

    ” It’s still going on over there. Even a year later the same posters going on about how much they dislike the movie, or how it didn’t do well, etc. If someone shows up to mention they liked the movie a lot, they all hammer him.”

    In re quote #1: not true – very measured, very controlled, and so kind I chase house flies out of the house rather than killing them. But you see what you want to see and there’s little to nothing I can do about that.

    In re quote #2: Just as I got hammered when I showed up trying – genuinely – to figure out what you all were seeing that I wasn’t. Immediate calls of flame bait, moron, idiot, troll, etc., etc.

    If you want to see what I’m really about, pay a visit to, or my older blog the crotchey old fan, or I don’t expect you too, but maybe one or two of you will and just not admit it to anyone else.

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