Everything is on track for the book to be available on Amazon, Kindle, and in the CreateSpace Book Store on December 5.  Stay tuned for more — it’s happening.


UPDATE 2 DEC: It has been available (early)  for a few days on Amazon but the “Official” release date is still December 5. That’s why I’m not promoting it as available. A big thank you to those of you who are finding it — and please, if I may shamelessly say so — if you find it worthy after reading it, please go on its Amazon page and write a review, and click “helpful” on the reviews you like. We are getting some nice reviews already. I particularly like this review, by Rick Barry:

A Story Worthy of Edgar Rice Burroughs Himself

Michael Sellers has taken a story worthy of Edgar Rice Burroughs himself and told it with style, skill, fairness, thoroughness – and great affection for the original material. He narrates the gripping saga of the 100-year-old novel’s long march to the big screen, during which time much of Burroughs’ creative genius was ‘strip-mined’ by such later icons as Lucas and Cameron. Along the way Sellers treats the reader to an insider’s view of today’s ‘gods of Hollywood,’ who are not the autocratic and capricious moguls of a bygone era but equally aggressive, corporate warriors navigating the narrow straits between ever-adjusting, long-term, strategic visions and those pesky, quarterly earnings reports. In this world, cinematic artistry becomes a consumer product; and even a $250-million tentpole film can be sacrificed on the altar of an executive coup or the next acquisition.

In true Burroughs style, this timely tale ends with its own, real-life cliffhanger: will the concluding installments of the Burroughs/Stanton trilogy ever see the light of day, or, more to the point, the warm, inviting light of an IMAX theater? Against all odds, Sellers shows how that just might happen.


  • Whoops! Never mind — Amazon was just a bit slow in showing me where it is. Just bought and downloaded it. Can’t wait!

  • Where is this available on Kindle?! According to Amazon, it’s still only available in physical form.

    Thanks in advance —


  • I just ordered the book on Amazon.fr, it also says it is “in stock”. Between this, the Pellucidar omnibus i currently read, volume 2 of the Burroughs biography by Porges waiting in line, and the Tarzan Centennial, I have something to read for all of what’s left of 2012!!

  • Hmm……best laid plans. They said Dec 5 but I guess it’s ready now. It doesn’t surprise me completely because they do have it . . . . . they were just supposedly not saying they had it until Dec 5. I will look into it further but I think this means it’s there and can be bought.

    The eBook version should be available through Amazon Kindle in a day or two as well… It’s going through final formatting.

  • Very happy for you, Michael. The new cover does look professional and serious. You have been be civil and polite and scrupulous in this whole endeavor. So, where do we sign up for advance copies?

  • This is the first time I’m seeing the new cover and I like it very much. I originally liked the one with the giant hand, but after that fella helped you, and this no slight to him, I went to his site and he does beautiful work for fantasy novel covers, it changed. It started to actually look like a fantasy novel. The new one is very atmospheric and cool looking, but also more properly non fiction looking. Your book is a serious, well researched, detailed analysis of the whole bloody affair of interest to artist, business men, investers, as well as the fans. I think this cover is much more appropriate. I wish you every success with this, as I have borne witness to how hard and passionately you have worked to create it.

    Maybe you should get as many of your sources and experts on film while they are still here, I personally feel that this movie’s cache and respect level will steadily climb as it is played for free over the next few years on cable and TV. When the rights issue is cleared up, a modest, but incisive documentary of your book, might someday just be the tinder spark that causes someone to greenlight a version of Gods of Mars to carry on the story. Never know.

  • Can’t wait for this book. Hopefully, it’ll help the cause to get another JCM movie made!

  • A good marketing push is a good thing indeed. But the release date seems so far away! Anyway, good news still.

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