Another John Carter Review: “Truly spectacular…constant suspense…underlying emotion”

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The French Moviemag “L’Ecran Fantastique has posted an advance mini-review of John Carter  on the magazine’s Facebook Page with comments that include  “Truly spectacular….constant suspense….underlying emotion. ….I loved this movie!”

Here is the English Translation

“We’ve just seen John Carter! I can’t tell too much about it here as reviews are embargoed till March 2nd. I can say however that it was fantastic! I loved this movie! I’ve never been a fan of Star Wars, even though I love space opera, but I acknowledge the fact that George Lucas imagined universes, original and great characters. Seeing this John Carter (I’ve never read the books), you can tell how much Lucas heavily borrowed from it. There is something more in JC, that I’ve never really found in SW: heart. It is truly spectacular, but there is also an underlying emotion, throughout the movie. We care about the characters and feel for them, and there’s a constant suspense.

The movie runs for 2h20, and it goes by so fast, being in an universe you wish you could stay in forever. This is for me a huge achievement and one of the best space-opera movies of all time”

(next is from a subsequent comment posted by L’Ecran Fantastique)

” And I want to see it again (which never happens to ME!). Plus, the VFX look so incredible, that every shot is a visual feast. There’s not a shot that looks bad, on the contrary. There’s also a lot happening on screen, but you always understand all of it, it’s all so clear. You also have a lot of humour, not cheesy. Action wise, there is a scene, that I don’t want (nor can’t) to reveal, that is a true masterpiece. It is extraordinary, both sublime and emotionally gripping.”

And here it is in the original French:

On vient de visionner JOHN CARTER ! Je ne peux pas trop le déflorer ici, car la critique est sous embargo jusqu’au 2 mars. Je peux néanmoins dire en quelques mots que je l’ai trouvé FORMIDABLE ! J’ai adoré ce film !! Je le préfère même aux “Star Wars” ! Il est pour moi du même niveau qu’AVATAR ! Je n’ai jamais été fan de “Star Wars”, bien que j’adore le space-opera, mais je reconnaissais à George Lucas le grand mérite d’avoir imaginé des univers et des personnages formidables et originaux. En voyant ce “John Carter” (je n’ai jamais lu les romans de Burroughs), on constate néanmoins les nombreux “emprunts” de Lucas à cet univers. Il y a une chose en prime que je n’ai pas vraiment trouvée dans les “Star Wars” (sauf peut-être dans “Le Retour du Jedi”), une dimension qui manque et qui en revanche figure ici : le coeur. C’est du (trés) grand spectacle, mais il y a une émotion constante, de diverse nature. On est touché et ému par les personnages et leur histoire, mais avec en plus un suspense constant. Le film dure 2h20, et on ne voit jamais passer le temps, ravis d’être plongés dans un univers qu’on ne voudrait jamais quitter (comme dans “Avatar”, même si ce n’est pas l’émerveillement qui l’emporte – les paysages sont arides, ici, âpres et ingrats, loin du chatoiement des couleurs de Pandora – mais une curiosité insatiable, un étonnement permanent). Il s’agit, pour moi, d’une très grande réussite et d’un des meilleurs space-opera de tous les temps


UPDATE:  And here is a Google Translation which is clumsy but literal for those wanted to parse words:


We just watch JOHN CARTER! I can not spoil too much here, because the criticism is embargoed until March 2. But I can say briefly that I found itAMAZING! I loved this movie! I prefer it even to  “Star Wars”! It gives me the same level that Avatar! I’ve never been a fan of “Star Wars”, though I love space operas, but I recognized George Lucas credit for having imagined worldsand characters and great originals. Seeing this “John Carter” (I’ve never readthe novels of Burroughs), there is nevertheless the many “borrowings” of Lucasin this universe. One thing that bonus I have not really found in “Star Wars”(except perhaps in “Return of the Jedi”), a missing dimension and that in turn is included here: the heart. This is the (very) big show, but there is a constantemotion, of various kinds. We are touched and moved by the characters andtheir history, but with a more constant suspense. The film lasts 2:20, and you never see pass the time, excited to be immersed in a world that would neverleave (as in “Avatar,” although it is not wonder who wins – arid landscapes arehere bitter and ungrateful, far from the shimmering colors of Pandora – but an insatiable curiosity, astonishment permanent). This is, for me, a great successand one of the best space opera of all time


  • Hey um are you SURE the movie was 2:20? Because I’ve checked several websites even movie theater showings and they say that it’s 1:40.

  • can someone please give a negative review already . . . . I am actually feeling bad for the trolls, these reviews are invalidating their existence poor horrible abominations.

  • The french version is there — and now I’ve added a very literal (and hence clumsy) google translation.

  • I meant the original French version of the review, not the original as in the book. Turns out it (the review) was interpreted more than translated.

  • Thanks! I think I’ll just put up a google translation too, clumsy as it may be, so people can match the words and conspiracy theorists will hopefully be placated.

  • if you know your burroughs you would know he isnt devoid of humor.

    it was more developed in his later books, alot of good humor in the venus series in my opinion.

    and if you recall, martians are happy people, as they do not have lawyers

  • I thought so too, but ive seen the movie and he references stuff like bryan cranston scenes on earth and other things that can only have been seen if you watched the movie because those scenes havent been released yet.

  • @Raja the movie is 2 hours and 17 minutes, about 6-7 minutes in credits at the end so, probably 2 hours and 10 minutes

  • It has to be noted as well that I’ve seen on Twitter that word from the press screening in the US (2 days ago I think) is that the movie is very good, plus 2 comments of people saying to Andrew Stanton (on Twitter once again) that the film is fantastic.

    So yep, full positive response for now!

  • Hey Michael!

    This is actually my translation that you’re using 😉 (no problem but I might have polished a bit more if I’d known it was going to be used this much).

    I didn’t translate all of it, but a good chunk, the most interesting part of it, it is all legit.

    There is the part on the humour (I’m French, so I know what it actually says)

    The last paragraph “I want to see it again”, etc, is from another comment of his:

    “Et moi j’ai envie de le revoir ^^ (ce qui ne m’arrive JAMAIS !!). Il faut dire qu’en plus les SFX sont tellement extraordinaires, que chaque plan est un festin visuel. Il n’y a pas un seul plan raté. Au contraire. En plus, il y a une multitude d’actions à l’écran, mais on comprend toujours TOUT, on suit tout clairement. Aux émotions précitées s’ajoute aussi l’humour. Un vrai humour, jamais mièvre. Au niveau des combats, il y a une scène, que je ne veux (et peux) pas dévoiler, mais qui est un chef-d’oeuvre du cinéma. Elle est extraordinaire. Digne des meilleures scènes des meilleurs Spielberg. A la fois sublime et poignante.”

    Check translation on Google if you want.

  • yeh.. with reviews like that you can see why Disneys marketing team dont want reviews out for this movie. God forbid the movie got some actual positive marketing!

  • If it really IS 2 hours 20 minutes, my worries are over. That’s just enough time to do this right. I would have been seriously worried if it ran under 2 hours. This is looking better all the time.

  • Wht is the translation missing the bits about Avatar and comparisons of the worlds yet has opinion on the humour, even thouogh it’s not in the original (as far as I can tell)? The whole latter part is changed.

  • But why are all of the trailers boring and drab looking? And, why disguise the fact that the story is taking place on Mars?

    Whoever is in charge of marketing the film sucks. This should be a major franchise for Disney but it looks headed to be a huge flop.

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