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The LA Times has picked up on last night’s  Andrew Stanton Friday night Twitter Q and A.  Here is the LA Times article which you can also read here.

Also — scroll down to see the entire list of tweets Andrew Stanton Twitter Q and A from last night:

Andrew Stanton Tweets on John Carter Marketing and More

The big-budget sci-fi adventure film “John Carter” opens March 9. On Friday its director, Andrew Stanton — who also helmed the animated hits “Finding Nemo” and “Wall-E” — hit Twitter for some unfiltered talk about his new movie.

The film, based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ series of early 20th century adventure novels, will reach theaters just eight weeks after Walt Disney Studios replaced its head of marketing, MT Carney, with Ricky Strauss. Stanton addressed questions about the movie’s marketing and publicity campaigns.

Asked to assess the new television commercials promoting the film, Stanton responded, “They’re trying hard. #goodfolk.” Regarding the use of music by Peter Gabriel and Arcade Fire in a trailer, Stanton said, “New guy at Disney. Really caught tone of film.” This appears to be a reference to Strauss.

Stanton, who has periodically fielded questions about the film on Twitter from his account @andrewstanton, also retweeted a discussion between two people about Disney’s decision to prevent journalists from writing about advance screenings of the movie until March 7.

“The review embargo is Disney being dumb (Well you are, Disney. People love it.),” wrote a person under the Twitter handle @MattIsland.

There are 11 books in Burroughs’ John Carter series. Is a Stanton-directed sequel to the first “John Carter” film possible? Asked if he would choose to shoot a sequel to one of his animated films, “Finding Nemo” or “Wall-E,” Stanton volunteered another title, “Carter.”


@andrewstanton Fantastic job on the movie sir. Hats off! I hope everybody goes running to the theaters!

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Time’s up. Gotta go. Talk to u next week! #gobarsoom!

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@jessiesarah@andrewstanton Favorite Hitchcock film?” / Shadow of a Doubt

@djs18@andrewstanton for live action films, digital recording, or 35mm film?” / Film, baby.

@cheese: Please do a Reddit IAMA with community right before John Carter release date. Would make my day” / Good idea. Will suggest it.

@McJaga@andrewstanton who thought of Walle to watch that movie in his caravan?” / Me.

@nailbiter111@andrewstanton Do you like Killer Klowns from Outer Space?” / Love. It.

@Cronin133@andrewstanton Ever get nervous about projects, any uncertainties?” / Always.

@cpillsbury@andrewstanton is there another book/character you’d like to do after JC?” / Yep #tease

@JustinPetrick@andrewstanton Do you still manage to find time to animate?” / Haven’t animated since ’93. #sadbuttrue

@glennmccarty: how did Peter Gabriel/Arcade Fire connection come about for JC trailer?” / New guy at Disney. Really caught tone of film.

@tjwells87@andrewstanton um…didn’t…you guys do a bug’s life?” / It’s called sarcasm. 😉

@Jangorama@andrewstanton Can you isolate a single theme that runs through all your movies as a director and/or screenwriter?” / Can u?

@yony_themoony@andrewstanton Favorite film composers besides @m_giacchino?” / Thomas Newman. John Williams. Alexander Desplat…

@andrew0407@andrewstanton what do u think about the 1 year deal with David Ortiz? Do u want him back?” / Big Papi best mascot ever.

@AustinCFilms@andrewstanton new tv spots from a new marketing team? Much better than earlier stuff.” / They’re trying hard. #goodfolk

@muttivon2: is there a script you are dying to turn into a movie?” / I have several of my own.

@loshanagan@andrewstanton When in life did you know/realize you wanted to go into the career you’re in now?” / Always knew.

@mattbirchler@andrewstanton What do you do after your films release? Celebrate, relax, next project, etc?” / Sleep soundly.

@johnnyb0731@andrewstanton favorite thing about Sydney?” / The seagulls.

@kugibee@andrewstanton I read you grew up in Rockport, MA. Spend any time in Beverly?” / Yep. Had the nearest McDonalds in the ’70s.

@MimosaBrunch@andrewstanton favorite Powell & Pressburger movie?” / Black Narcissus

@coregeeknet: Read all of the post in your twitter feed last week. At that time it was 900 or so. Does that make me crazy?” / If aloud yes.

@stu_shepherd@andrewstanton is John Carter related to Jack Carter?” / Just Billy.

@MovieMasterCBM: Pumped for John Carter. Do you have any plans to return to Pixar in the future?” / Never left.

@TeeJee23@andrewstanton Your thoughts about our french pride The Artist ?” / It warms Wall-E’s heart.

@JordanCausey@andrewstanton Favorite documentary?” / Day of Trinity or Gimme Shelter

@andrewstanton Can I please get a RT for this? Thanks! “Without@JohnCarter There Would Be No @StarWars

Retweeted by andrew stanton

@JordanCausey@andrewstanton Most recent book read?” / Moment in the Sun by John Sayles (yes, the director.)

@tjocktroja@andrewstanton is it true that there where problems with the restoration of toy story?” / Haven’t heard that.

@danrevill@andrewstanton – another question – is Nemo coming to blu this year?” / I think so.

@JordanCausey@andrewstanton *Do you enjoy any summer blockbusters?” / Many.

@eugeniogmz@andrewstanton What’s your favorite novel?” / Grapes of Wrath

@26tami13@andrewstanton if u could choose to make a sequel of your films, which one do you choose: Nemo or Wall-E?” / Carter

@davidstripinis: since you’re paying attention to your @’s – it was a pleasure to work on JCom & meeting you at the wrap party.” / Same 2 u

@andy_sorensen@andrewstanton Best part of working 4 Pixar?” / Free cereal.

@Lassetyre@andrewstanton Do you love Audrey Hepburn?” / Who doesn’t?

@Bass_Wakil: Writing a book with R. McKee. Would love to interview you. How can I contact ?” / U just did.

@jameswb94@andrewstanton Have you used Pixar employees as a test audience for JC?” / Early on.

@powerfuldog@andrewstanton Favorite DreamWorks Animated movie?” / A Bug’s Life

@MarBarGar@andrewstanton What is the first movie you remember seeing in the theater?” / Bambi.

@cartooncolin: after writing FN/WallE what did you draw from your own life to “existing” JC story?” / Love of adventure and romance.

@JurassicGriffin@andrewstanton Is John Carter related to Jimmy Carter?” / Jimmy no. Billy yes.

@rcasli: true that Fincher helped out on WALL E?? thanks.” / Indirectly. Allowed us to visit Zodiac set and speak with DP Harry Savidis.

@Schmadvertising@andrewstanton Which Disney character has the most depth?” / Anglerfish in Nemo

@batman4eternity@andrewstanton Do you watch your own movies with your families and friends????” / Heck no.

@RobyMB@andrewstanton Do you like Bobby Valentine as manager of the Red Sox?” / Wait and see.#thanksforeverythingWakefield

@Batmancanseeyou: Do you keep a notebook or something of ideas that just pop in your head?” / Yep.

@beaconp@andrewstanton Favorite consumer animation tool?” / A pencil.

@notsoround: Was Lake Powell a location you knew before JCM? LP favorite place on earth!” / Yep. Orig. Planet of Apes shot there.

@Chadadada: which director’s work inspired u when you were first exploring your own career?” / David Lean, Steven Spielberg, Peter Wier…

@JD_Dillon@andrewstanton thoughts on Jeremy Lin?” / Linteresting. Lintriguing. Linsane.

@celluloidman@andrewstanton You half answered my question. Do you still work at Pixar?” / Never left.

@LegallyBOD: Was there a particular film that really inspired you growing up??” / Close Encounters (for starts.)

@thetruemilhouse@andrewstanton What is your favourite movie of the 1980’s?” / Gallipoli

@markrennie: What, if anything, do you listen to while you write?” / Whatever music matches the tone of the story I’m writing.

@crodkey@andrewstanton make it back to cape Ann often?” / Every summer.

@gbnypat@andrewstanton if I want to do what you do for a living, where’s a good place to start?” / Wherever you are right now.

@Spongey444@andrewstanton was dory’s whole amnesia memory less thing realistically accurate?” / Nope. Fish can’t talk.

@hanshoots1st@andrewstanton What’s your favorite live action Disney movie besides John Carter?” / Tie btwn Mary Poppins & 20,000 Leagues

@Salpot: Edgar Rice Burroughs APPROVES of this film. It’s gonna be an epic journey. You ready, stants??” / Ready to astral project!!

@jennytablina: Would you go back into animation after having a taste of live action?” / Never left anim. More anim shots in JC than Nemo.

@ChristyT51: Little girl LOVES Pirates. Will she love your new film? Seems like it might be a little old for 9yr girl??” / She might.

@sharksarecool: Would you have any say in Disney releasing the JOHN CARTER soundtrack on vinyl ala TRON Legacy?” / I can ask. Would b cool.

@domdove@andrewstanton I adore your films. Does JC have the same heart and soul as FN/Wall-E?” / Oh yee of little faith.

@are_pee_jee: who do you want to work with the most on your next film?” / Cast of Carter again. Like family.

@MarieMJS: How is it to work with Mark Strong?#OneOfMyFavoriteActors” / Amazing. Like watching a Swiss watch.

@JonahFoundGold: can you come by USC film and share some wisdom?!” / Would love to (once I get off the ‘Carter train.)

@The_Stealthcow@andrewstanton what won you over to 3d in the end!??” / Great artistic supervision by Pixar 3D guru Bob Whitehill

@andreascliment@andrewstanton best book on filmmaking?” / Not So Quiet On the Set

@czeins@andrewstanton I heard you hate film school. Why?” / No hate. Just not a requirement.

@HSumra@andrewstanton Did Pixar’s famous Brain Trust get a chance to critique John Carter at any point?” / Yep. Famously.

@danrevill@andrewstanton what’s the running time on John Carter?” / 2:03

@andrewjclark: Do u want your next feature to predominantly animated or live action?”/ Not what drives me. Ideas drive the medium I choose.

@MattIsland everyone I know that saw John Carter loved it. The review embargo is Disney being dumb (Well you are, Disney. People love it.)

Hi gang. Free for one hour of Q & A. Go for it!

@celluloidman@andrewstanton Do you still work at Pixar? Did anyone at Pixar work on JC?” / Just a few key people.

@coheteboy: Want 2 c JC cuz I love your work. The marketing of this movie though..Just doesn’t feel like its you” / Oh, it’s me. Trust me.


  • This movie has “Green Lantern” written all lover it: huge gamble, tons of potential, lack of audience interest, box office flop. I think the difference here will be word of mouth. People who *do* see JC will probably be going back again and telling others to see the film. It might actually have a bigger 2nd weekend than its 1st. Well, good luck to it. I know just where my ass will be on March 9th, seated comfortably in a movie theater watching a boyhood fantasy come to life…in glorious 2D 😉

  • Seriously, why is there not any conspiricy theories out yet as to why Disneys marketing team seem to be trying to sabotage this movie??

    Banning all reviews out till March 7th??? 2 freakin days before the release date thats death for ANY movie!

    This now means there wont be any reviews in Empire or Total Film magazine till the May issue which is when The Hunger games will be out and will be huge competition for John Carter.

    Seriously, whose Dog did Andrew stanton reverse over to get this much bad marketing!

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