John Carter Review from AICN: “Intriguing, involving, emotional…I was VERY pleasantly surprised.”

John Carter News

This just posted in the talkback section of  Ain’t It Cool News , the extremely influential geeksite after Harry Knowles and family were given a private screening of John Carter:

Well, Guys & Dolls, many happy returns of the day. I was VERY pleasantly surprised Monday. I was treated to an easily entertaining, effective sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, love story in 3-D @ the Alamo South. Was invited to a very private screening of “JOHN CARTER.” It works… on many levels. Its an intriguing, involving, emotional motion picture 100 years in the making. I totally enjoyed my time in the theater even inspite of the fact that it wasn’t the one (Disney, not Paramount) our family worked so hard on for several years.


UPDATE:  Harry Knowles, founder/editor of AICN,  has now put out the following tweets:

Ok – I was told that while I can’t review JOHN CARTER – I can tweet about it today.
2/14/12 6:06 PM
JOHN CARTER is spectacular. The second that Edgar sits to begin reading Uncle Jack’s diary… pure magic till the end.
2/14/12 6:08 PM
The marketing for JOHN CARTER from Disney is leaving much to be desired, but once you see Tars & Carter interacting, suffering of Sola. Wow
2/14/12 6:11 PM
@Christo70 No, they feel it is too early for reviews – they’ll probably take the leash off me once they decide when they want reviews to hit
2/14/12 6:09 PM


  • you could probably list about every mars movie that’s ever been made. even if they weren’t accurate, they created an expectation. people are conditioned for it to be reddish. oh well.

  • those commments .. . ugh

    where did people get the impression that barsoom had blood red skies and crimson deserts

  • I am very very happy to see this movie getting positive reviews. It must have stayed faithful to the book. I cannot wait to watch it on March 9th!

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