New Very Extensive Interview with John Carter director Andrew Stanton

Andrew Stanton

Ain’t it Cool News has a new and very long (and interesting) interview with Andrew Stanton that provides the most detailed insights yet into Stanton’s thought process in adapting Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars for Disney’s John Carter.

Here are the first few paragraphs and a link to the full interview.


Harry interviews Andrew Stanton about JOHN CARTER, GODS OF MARS & WARLORD OF MARS…
Published at: Feb 14, 2012 12:34:21 PM CST

Hey folks, Harry here… Watching Andrew Stanton’s JOHN CARTER and then having an hour long interview was a bizarre experience for me that really can’t be adequately explained. I worked on essentially 4 different versions of this movie at Paramount, years before Andrew got the rights. Working with directors like Robert Rodriguez, Guillermo Del Toro, Kerry Conran & Jon Favreau. The film changed radically with each director. We wound up with different scripts, different Tharks, Woolas, Banths… Different skies, landscapes, flora and fauna… On a film like this, that is what happens. The director becomes the taste maker of the project – and it was one of the great joys of my life to go through development discovering each of their visions for Barsoom and John Carter. Yesterday, I got my first complete view of JOHN CARTER, a spectacular vision of Burroughs’ story – and had a chance to talk with Andrew about the film, his choices and what is yet to come still for lovers of these Barsoomian tales. Here ya go…

Harry: So great job, man!

Andrew Stanton: Well I was probably more nervous with you than anybody else since you had such a fond love for that project yourself. I hope I did right.

Harry Well you know I mean I worked on the adaptation at Paramount for about seven years there and it’s bizarre, because I’ve never seen a film version of something that I worked on in development with like four major directors for a long time with and you know the thing is I could go through and nitpick and say “It’s not what we were going to do…” But the fact is I’m a fan of John Carter and oh my God, you got John Carter on screen and it’s amazing! (Laughs) It’s like I could sit there and go “I wish the Tharks were a little more muscular” and “I wish it was a little more Frazetta-esque,” just because that’s just the way my imagination had personally gone through it, but your version is an absolutely solid and very evocative of what I felt Jon Favreau wanted to do with the project. He was very much wanting to ground it the way you did in terms of making it for sure Mars, but still a slightly fantastical Mars, you know?

Read the full interview at Ain’t It Cool News


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