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Here’s a nice brand new John Carter Fan Trailer by Antonio Le Camera. It’s different from the other fan trailers in that it uses movie from the movie by Michael Giacchino. Here is Antonio’s introduction to the trailer from his Youtube Channel, which is “Luke99905”.

John Carter (Fan Trailer) Working Version

by Antonio La Camera
This is a fan trailer edited by me starting from HD videos available on the web (trailer and TV spots), assembled on the track “Sab Than Pursues the Princess” from the original soundtrack composed by Michael Giacchino.
This is a working version that still lacks dialogues and sound effects (except in the first part).

My purpose is not to create a story trailer, as was done skillfully by others, but rather to create an audio-visual editing that convey the fantasy-adventure essence of the Andrew Stanton’s movie (feature totally absent from the trailer released by Disney in my opinion).


  • I just went back to a showing of the movie Monday and the theatre was also the most crowded I had ever seen it for John Carter. There were many children before, in, and after the movie going to see John Carter.

  • Awesome story Kevin! this just proves my point!, If this film was truly bombing it would have left the theaters along time ago.

  • Nice work! That makes me wonder why no music of Michael Giacchino was featured in the trailers at all. That particular piece of music was aired on radio Saturday, December the 17th, along with two other cues. Were the trailers blocked that long before the release date?!/programs/movies/2011/dec/17/

    It works perfectly in this trailer.

    By the way, if you’re a fan of Michael Giacchino’s work, this is a great show all the way.

  • Antonio…

    Great work. Conveys the scope and sweep of the movie. Makes me want to see it a fifth(yes I said fifth) time!

    Well done!

  • Nicely done trailer!!

    This week coming up many kids are on a school break before Easter. We should be talking up getting folks to the theaters! I just came home from watching “John Carter” again and was at the biggest attendance yet for the movie in my theater going to the film. It even got clapping at the end!! And there were more kids this time than the last couple times I’ve gone – the boys behind me started the clapping. Maybe there’s a little hope, but at least we can try to keep the theatres showing it and keep the film in the Top 10 before it opens in Japan! With a projected June/July release for the DVD, that may mean Disney thinks theaters will be dropping John Carter earlier than Prince of Persia which stayed in theaters for 17 weeks.

    An interesting take away… I talked to a couple I sat next to there at the end of the showing and it was their first time seeing it. The husband said he would’ve originally been more interested in seeing it sooner if they had called it Edgar Rice Burrough’s John Carter. He volunteered putting Mars in the title would not have interested him as most Mars movies don’t interest him (so maybe Disney marketing research was right on that point – I also know young women who won’t go to a film if they know it’s science fiction – so they were correct there, too). His wife said they should have promoted the romance along with the rest, but she had thought the trailers weren’t clear on what the movie was about. He chimed in that he does prefer trailers that don’t show a lot, too, so there’s a complication for marketers. They had read more about the movie and that’s what got them to go and they really enjoyed it. They (especially the husband) laughed at all the fun parts at the right time, too!

  • Check your second sentence. You must mean “music from the movie,” not “movie from the movie.”

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