SFX Courtroom: “Isn’t it about time you gave John Carter a Second Chance?”

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From SFX.co.uk: In an unprecedented move, SFX’s regular courtroom debate tackles a film so new that it’s still in cinemas. The reason? People have already given up on poor John Carter. Jayne Nelson wants to change their minds…


Case for the defence: Your Honour and ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we present to you today a special case: John Carter.

Case for the prosecution: Arguing for a film that’s still showing in cinemas? What has the world come to? What next – arguing the case for Michael Bay’s travesty of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie?

Case for the defence: John Carter is a special case, because it needs another chance so soon, because its first chance was squandered by an almost unprecedented avalanche of bad press. You all know aboutJohn Carter. It’s showing at your local cinema, although not to very many people. Most of its potential audience – which should have been huge, as it spans all generations – are staying away in droves. It’s being described in the press as “the greatest flop of all time”. Disney has announced that it stands to lose $200 million on the film; thank heavens it has The Avengers on the way or Mouse House execs would probably be jumping out of skyscraper windows.

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