Two More Favorable John Carter Reviews

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We’re trying to keep up with the reviews which are coming out very quickly now that the embargo date has arrived.  We will follow a policy of just post them now, and organize them later.

Here are two more, both favorable:

A fun story, impressive alien world, and cool 3D effects make “John Carter” a surprise treat that may not have been on your radar. Definitely check it out on the big screen and take the whole family.

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Disney’s John Carter is mostly great, sometimes hard to follow

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  • Interesting that much of the negative commentary boils down to “there’s too much information being thrown at the viewer for them to make sense of it all.” But isn’t that pretty much what is happening to John Carter? I mean, it’s kinda what the story is all about: stranger in a strange land trying to make sense of where he is.

    What, you mean Martians have their own religion? And they speak of it as being completely sensible to them? As on earth, just nod your head and smile. Figure it out later.

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