John Carter Fan Gets a Thrill when James Purefoy pops by the Back to Barsoom Table at Comic Con

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The first member of the Back to Barsoom  John Carter Sequel Facebook Group to write up their ComicCon experience is Patrick Malloy, from Los Angeles, who spent Saturday at the con working the petition at the Back to Barsoom table.  He reported his experience on Facebook and is letting us share it here as well.

by Patrick Malloy

Ok, I’m  back home in Los Angeles from the the SD Comic Con and thought I’d write up my experience.  It was quite a day!

I almost didn’t make it back — had a Road Warrior moment driving back, when a surfboard came loose from a car and went flying at the car in front of me who full on smacked into it, at which time it cracked in half then it came rushing at me, so I did a total Streets of SF move, and swerved to miss it…fortunately, I managed to avoid it with a hard spin of the steering wheel…….also,  lest I forget, when I was leaving parking lot, I overheard this guy who said, “Yeah I went to the wrong house and to cops arrested me, they broke my phone and hurt me pretty bad.” I parked about a 45 minute walk away from the convention center, by the jail……interesting!

But none of that was as exciting nor as much fun and being at our “quaint” Take Me Back to Barsoom table, exhorting folks to sign our petition! Everyone had their own particular approach or style, mine being the more low key, warm smile manner. I met so many very enthusiastic fans of the film (and novels), as well as quite a few who were so livid at the mishandling of the film by Disney. I made sure that they were given one of the business cards and would find us on FB to join the cause! I mentioned how the items that we were giving away came from you, the members of the community here.

One gentleman who won the very rare JC opening release pin was so appreciative of how gracious one of our members was in providing it as a prize. He was truly touched! Out of all the throngs of people who I came across from 9:30 till I had to leave at 3:15 only two would I consider “trolls”. The majority of the people were very open and receptive to what we are attempting to do. There were quite a few who mentioned how outraged they were at the mishandling of the film. So it was really rewarding to connect with those individuals who are just as passionate as we are, and now they know how to find us and join along!

A funny moment was when one individual thought that I was some Disney employee at first and began to admonish me on such a poorly implemented marketing of the film. I started to laugh and said how we are a community of fans that are doing what Disney failed to do and are working hard to get a sequel. He immediately signed the petition and I gave him one of our business cards so he could find us and join the cause! One other attendee who signed our petition had the biggest smile on her face. She was just in awe of the size and scope of comic con. She was utterly overwhelmed, it was like she was seeing the Beatific Vision! I wish I could have gotten a picture of that, for it was brilliant!

I was totally taken by surprise at one moment when Robert Downy Jr. walked by, he was just strolling down the isle taking in atmosphere.

Yet, by far the pinnacle moment was when out of the blue James Purefoy comes walking up with a big smile and introduces himself! I must had had this funny, disbelieving look on my face, for he looked at me and said in a very flourishing manner: ” I thought I would stop by and show my support!”  When he turned up, I had two people signing petitions, so trying hard not to be dismissive to them, I put out my hand to give him my best welcoming handshake. He has a good, solid handshake let me tell you! I finished with the folks signing and then made sure to give my utmost attention to Mr. Purefory. He wanted to know how we were doing with signatures and what type of response we were getting. I  told him that we have been collecting a ton of signatures over the last several days and that the team here has been working hard! I told him how it was very cool and very gracious to take time out to stop by and say hello and that everyone would really be stoked to learn that you dropped by. I wish I would have thought to ask for his autograph, especially one for Jan, but alas, I was too wrapped up in the spell of the moment. He suggested that we take a picture together, which we did!  

If anything in meeting Andrew Stanton and now James Purefory, I have to say that it really strengthens my resolve to work for a sequel. What genuine gentlemen! Eventually Tom Tarantowicz came in, and let me tell you, if anyone can work a crowd it is Tom! The signatures were coming in fast and furious as he was really bringing it home!

Unfortunately, I had to leave and come back to LA, since my folks have some health issues.  I certainly hope we do this again next year, I definitely believe we had a very positive impact upon people and we unquestionably did increase awareness for the film. I am sure by attending the Comic Con, we did a lot of good helping to get a sequel made!


  • I fitly loved JOHN CARTER and looking toward to any and all sequels. Feel free to and my name to your list. OMG I’m sure everyone was pleased and surprised to have the very handsome Mr. Purefory or is it PUREJOY,lol. No really, I’m glad it was great.

  • Way to go Patrick! And nice experience getting meet the man who brought not only Kantos Kan to the screen but also Solomon Kane, and the freshest take on Marc Antony since Heston back in the late 60s! Been a fan of Purefoy’s work for years. Glad to see he stopped by! This in addition to his twitter endorsement of Khanada’s awesome Helium recruiting poster just goes to show how cool the guy really is!

  • Without the great fan effort John Carter would have been a one-off and sunk without a trace. Now the goal of sequels may be within our reach.

  • Thanks for the great report. I am hopefully all of this leads to a sequel. Perhaps Andrew will let all who helped in this campaign be an extra in the next TWO sequels.


  • It was a lot of fun being there and meeting so many different people and being able for a moment or two to talk with them. It was so apparent to see how truly there is a lot of love for the film and how numerous are those who support a sequel. Again, Mr. Purefoy was totally cool, extremely hospitable and as I wrote a true gentleman. I hope in the future that our paths cross again, it would be an honor indeed.

  • Wonderful writeup from Patrick! So happy he, and the others, were there and got to meet James! I sure hate to have missed it. If we go next year I’m going to really try to be there myself and gee, it sure would be great if Mr. Purefoy was there to promote something of his, too! 😉

    You guys who worked the booth, and everyone supporting them from the web, I can’t say enough about how impressed I am! I’m so happy to be working with such great people and enjoy this cause so much! We will get John Carter 2! It’s been done before and we can do it again! There is no way Disney is unaware of our efforts! We have support from the filmmakers, stars, ERB Inc., and thousands of fans!! Naysayers be damned! We will not be dissuaded and I have no doubt of our ultimate success!

  • Great to see another one of the actors showing their support! A commendable effort by all the members making this possible! I find it interesting, too, in other news, that Disney is promoting some of their upcoming films this time at Comic Con. Mila Kunis was there promoting “Oz…” can’t remember the rest of the title at the moment but their trailer is good. Wish Disney had been at Comic Con last year!

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